Efficient opponent choice (in General)

Negator May 8 2006 11:19 AM EDT

I've been playing CB for three days - that's right, I'm a wide-eyed puppy...
What I'm looking for is an efficient way of picking opponents:
- I won't have unlimited time once back at work (on holidays right now, yay!)
- I'd like to accumulate EXP as quickly as I can
- I'd like my character(s) to be balanced - Rock/Paper/Scissors notwithstanding, I'd really like to be at least reasonable against a wide variety of opponents

So, here is what I've been doing:
- Use "Reset" to get a choice of opponents near my PR level
- Fight whoever comes up in the opponent box
- If I lose, look at play-by-play and decide where my weak spot was
- Repeat from the top
Once I have a bit of EXP to train/$ to shop, I look back at my losses, train/buy appropriately, and go back to fight the people that beat me. Those that beat me again go on my list of "unfinished business", to be fought again after the next training/shopping exercise.

So, is this an efficient way of choosing opponents given my objectives, or am I missing something embarrassingly obvious?


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 8 2006 11:41 AM EDT

get supportership

QBsutekh137 May 8 2006 11:50 AM EDT

Rewards are based on beating people with a score higher than your PR. Fighting by PR is a good way to tell how your team configuration stacks up against opponents, but to maximize experience rewards, fight those with a higher score than your PR. In many cases, there are enough targets to choose from that you can peat people whose score is twice your PR (at least at the early stages).

How to find those people? I currently run through a couple sets of people with score above my PR during money bonus times (I am focused on MPR growth and don't care about cash). If I find people I can beat consistently, I add them to my favorites (something you get when you become a supporter. Recommended). Without a favorites list, maximizing gains is just that much harder.

[DC]Final Fight May 8 2006 1:04 PM EDT

my minion PR is ony about 90k and my Power rating is about 120k. I fight opponents above 220k score and i earn about 100 exp with every fight.

AdminShade May 8 2006 1:43 PM EDT

a few tips, imo you are doing quite a good job at picking your fights, but:

1: never lose a battle 2 times after another, you said it yourself when losing again it goes into unfinished business
2: know that fight rewards are based on their score vs your power rating, in general attacking higher scored people nets you better rewards
3: train often, any unused experience is useless in battles, but does count towards your PR to some extent.

miteke [Superheros] May 8 2006 3:01 PM EDT

What novice said is good advice. There are certain time saving devices available to you with supportership. I don't know what the going rate is right now, but you can buy it with CB2$ if you go on the FS/WTB forum. You also get a nifty supportership item usually worth about half the cost. Is is still the RoE? If so, it, alone, is worth the entire supportership cost.

Adminedyit [Superheros] May 8 2006 7:24 PM EDT

a favorites list from being a supporter is worth 10$ alone

Negator May 9 2006 8:23 AM EDT

Thanks for the responses, all - good points all around.

I have actually changed my approach a little - I am running into more losses as I go up the ladder (NO! REALLY???), so I fight some people repeatedly before moving on.

I am retraining a bit more often now, thanks for the advice!

I will probably invest in a supportership, and I'm also considering the clans.

Once again, thanks, you people are SO much better than the so-called community of another game I used to play...

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