question about BA regen rate... (in General)

good ol]Newmcyo May 8 2006 9:18 PM EDT

When your BA regen rate goes down, do your rewards go up? I've noticed a substantial increase in my income since my regen has gone to 9 BA every 10 minutes...

Genie May 8 2006 9:22 PM EDT

i think rewards do go up. because i get a lot less EXP and money on my noobie characters than i get on my best one.

Mikel May 8 2006 9:40 PM EDT

Rewards go up to compensate for less ba.

QBRanger May 8 2006 10:43 PM EDT

If people would only learn to read the FAQ.

Directly copied and pasted from FAQ-----BA

Q: Why does the number of BA I get change? It was 10 when I started; now it's less.
A: As you go up in PR, past a certain point it becomes more difficult to find opponents. To keep it fair for people who can't play 24/7, you are given less BA per minute, but your experience per fight (and RPM per BA in the forge, and amount of BA charged by the store) is adjusted proportionately to compensate. When exactly this happens is constantly changing because it is based on the highest PR in the game.

th00p May 9 2006 3:25 PM EDT

When your BA refresh goes down from 10 to 9, (also the amount of BA you can buy goes down), the rewards react inversely.

So, you would receive 10/9 th's the rewards you had previously received before the BA regen rate went down.
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