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YOU May 11 2006 1:26 PM EDT

i got a giftcard for 300$. I bought an LV purse for 865$ including the cash and gift card. I couldn't return it because it was a purse. It raise another question: If i purchase an item at retail store (best buy, circuit city...) with giftcard and cash, can I return it for full cash refund?

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] May 11 2006 1:29 PM EDT

The real question we should be asking is why YOU needs a purse, especially one of those awfully pretentious and rather passť ones.

YOU May 11 2006 1:32 PM EDT

because LV purse owns :D

AdminShade May 11 2006 1:33 PM EDT

you mean Louis Viton? >.<

Maelstrom May 11 2006 1:45 PM EDT

My concern is that Verifex and Shade can recognize the brands of purses...


Undertow May 11 2006 1:48 PM EDT

They would probably return it all on a gift card. This is the way it would work:

If you had your receipt, they would check it for how you paid. Then would refund you exactly what they got. This is especially true for credit cards, they have to refund the card. Otherwise it's basically a cash advance, which your credit card charges you a higher interest rate for (usually) and a form of credit card fraud.

If you don't have your receipt, a lot of places will send you walking. At most, they'll give you back a gift card, or a one time in store exchange.

QBBarzooMonkey May 11 2006 1:50 PM EDT

$865 for a purse? Is it spun from golden threads? :P

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 11 2006 1:57 PM EDT

Fashionistas the world over would be tossing their partially-digested celery to see " because LV purse owns". If your Louis Vuitton handbag does, in fact, "own", why would you be returning it?

Store policy at most major retail outlets would be to refuse to give you cash back. They don't want you to have the cash to spend elsewhere, when they've guaranteed themselves a sale of, say, $300 via the giftcard that you cannot use anywhere but their stores.

YOU May 11 2006 2:00 PM EDT

AdminShade May 11 2006 2:03 PM EDT

honestly: it doesn't look special to me...

AdminG Beee May 11 2006 2:13 PM EDT

My "purse" is nicer.

Maelstrom May 11 2006 2:20 PM EDT

G Beee: does your purse match your skirt - sorry, kilt?

bartjan May 11 2006 2:22 PM EDT

I thought the purse you bought was your user image :)

YOU May 11 2006 2:23 PM EDT

LOL @ bartjan. that's a good one.

NSFY May 11 2006 2:36 PM EDT


AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] May 11 2006 2:41 PM EDT

LV or Louis Viton is sludge pop culture. If you notice alot of crazy girls out there went out and bought either LV bags or "faux" LV bags. I know about this crap cuz my GF watches "E!" and "VH1" alot when I'm in the room. And she takes me shopping more then I'd like to admit, and I get to see this stuff first hand. Yikes!

AdminShade May 11 2006 2:43 PM EDT

Any girl 'living' for such 'haute couture' may walk just past by me, no matter how good looking she is :)

[Edit: fixed spelling, hinted by Bast - reminds me of how I not like such people (referring to the VT bag girls) ]

LayWaste-[bA May 11 2006 3:49 PM EDT

The "Edit" for the spelling error is ironically amusing. :P
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