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QBOddBird May 11 2006 10:09 PM EDT

I enter the room, and St00p is in there. Hilarity ensues.

** Now in room new players
- new players: server grants op status to [OB]DrDictator
<St00pid> batman!!!
<St00pid> kinda....
<Gun> hey OB, it's attack of the HHs it seems
<St00pid> even though bats are mammals and birds........ arent.......
<kay> 100% ma-male
<[OB]DrDictator> the HHs?
<Gun> heaumeheads
<[OB]DrDictator> ah
<[OB]DrDictator> the double Hs are funny sometimes, though.
<St00pid> nawwww, humerous..... hackers......?
<Gun> no hackers in this room
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<St00pid> i couldnt think of another word
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<[OB]DrDictator> hey st00p, what's the website to see a picture of the
E-word? Don't start a topic on it, I just wanna find out what she actually looks
<[OB]DrDictator> I'd ask LW, but he's gone.
<St00pid> the dude said or something..... i think..........
you could search yahoo and click "images"
<[OB]DrDictator> ok.
* Gun shutters
<St00pid> now that you mention it......... *searches*
<St00pid> shudders*
<St00pid> shutters are the small doors attached to windows to keep out
the sunlight and wind
<Gun> nope shutting the door on that convo
<St00pid> o.O rofl
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<[OB]DrDictator> meh. She's not even pretty.
<St00pid> ROFL!!! search for emma watson on yahoo, look at what it
says under "also try:" lmbo
<th00permann> nope, her face is all messed up
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<Gun> cute in a homely way eh
<[OB]DrDictator> meh, not really.
<[OB]DrDictator> she doesn't even get qualified as jailbait.
<Gun> haha
<St00pid> well she is hot for..... a girl..................
<Pyro> well cya i gotta go bye
<St00pid> AAAHH!!! i didnt say that!!!
<[OB]DrDictator> cya Pyro
<St00pid> everybody do /clear! /CLEAR!
<Gun> for a girl? wth
<[OB]DrDictator> lol?
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* [OB]DrDictator scoots a little closer to st00pid
<[OB]DrDictator> so what am I hot for?
<St00pid> ............ who are we talkin about?
<th00permann> a dog?
<St00pid> ewww your right her face is kinda messed up
<[OB]DrDictator> yeah, it is.
<St00pid> idiotman, dont be honest.......... birdman, you look.........
<St00pid> :-P lol jk jk man
* Gun cares not to stare
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<St00pid> wow shes got bo........... a body
<[OB]DrDictator> no
<th00permann> haha, no
<[OB]DrDictator> she doesn't, and don't get on that topic for sure.
<St00pid> yeah her face is messed up
<Gun> it's a plank
<St00pid> yes sir
<th00permann> i have more curves... o.O
<Roughneck> lol
<St00pid> it aint no plank, sure she doesnt have big enough hips......
but........ shes got reasonable sized....... not gunna say it........ not getting
<[OB]DrDictator> to keep focus in mind, you're looking for more of an
hourglass shape. Heck, Kirby's hotter than her.
<th00permann> ROFL!!!!!!
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<[OB]DrDictator> and st00p, I think whatever pic you saw was flattering
, cuz I'd have to disagree with you there.
<[OB]DrDictator> off the topic now.
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<St00pid> yeah i see your guys point
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^ speaking of Kirby...
<St00pid> i just saw.......
<[OB]DrDictator> (>^_^)>
<St00pid> edited pictures
<[OB]DrDictator> hush. off the topic.
<[OB]DrDictator> <th00permann> thanks st00p, just what i needed to know
<St00pid> ewww yeah her face is screwed up, and she is a
plank.......... last im gunna say bout that
<Gun> kirby no need airbrush!
<[OB]DrDictator> exactly!
<Roughneck> who is Kirby?
<[OB]DrDictator> Kirby's a hunkahunka burnin' love!
<th00permann> lol
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<[OB]DrDictator> Kirby = (>^_^)>
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<Gun> goodness graceish great pink ball of fire
<St00pid> rac......... i have a friend that is like an hourglass :-D
<th00permann> Q(^.^)Q boxing kirby
<[OB]DrDictator> curves aren't everything, st00pid.
<[OB]DrDictator> If you think they are, let me introduce you to my friend
<St00pid> dude, personality is everything
<[OB]DrDictator> the Michelin Man
<St00pid> rofl!!!!!
<th00permann> haha
<Roughneck> ooh lala
<St00pid> but looks are a bonus....... a rather big bonus....... a HUGE
bonus to be honest........
<Gun> he's good for miles
<St00pid> lol gun
<th00permann> st00pid, you're obsessed with looks
* St00pid uber misses his friend.........
<St00pid> i aint no obsessed with no looks, idiotman, you dont even
know me
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- new players: Welcome again, GG_Allin_Lives
<[OB]DrDictator> where'd the nickname "idiotman" come from?
<th00permann> oh i know you ~.O
<[OB]DrDictator> or is that just st00pie that calls you that?
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* St00pid has nicknames for everybody
<th00permann> st00pie thinks i copied him... idk
<Gun> stoop calls himself matureman ;)
<St00pid> lol
<[OB]DrDictator> haha ^_^
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<St00pid> i changed my name to that once on CB1 :-P
<Gun> emma is far more mature and that's a burn ;)
<[OB]DrDictator> whoa
<th00permann> man, dont let LW hear u say that
<[OB]DrDictator> ouch
<St00pid> emma is probably some stupid ugly faced girl, and i thought
we were off that topic?
<[OB]DrDictator> we were off the topic of her plank
<[OB]DrDictator> eh, body.
<th00permann> yes, but gun just had to bring it back up
<lukimel> st00pid
<Gun> like OO would do anything worth the line
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<St00pid> gun craps his pants when he sees beautiful women (rachael)
<th00permann> =O who says that gun likes women?
<Gun> well she's Huge
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<[OB]DrDictator> Free Willy! and to think, I'd forgotten!
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<Gun> feel I have to fertilize the farm land when she wears plaid ;)
<St00pid> if you mean huge as in her beauty is unbeatable, then she is
<[OB]DrDictator> lol Gun
<St00pid> gun you dont gotta hate just because your jealous....
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<[OB]DrDictator> no, we mean huge as when she jumps in at the beach,
Japan's tsunami alerts go off.
<Gun> yeah I wanna climb eatamanjaro too ;)
<[OB]DrDictator> haha
<th00permann> eat a man? ew gun...
<St00pid> birdman, when you jump on the beach, the whole world's
tsunami alerts go off
<Gun> that's her
<Roughneck> my type of ladies
* [OB]DrDictator is a worldwide phenomenon.
<Gun> his beauty is unbeatable ;)
<kay> hey guys, what did I miss?
<kay> was st00pid being hilarious again?
<[OB]DrDictator> he is
<Gun> missed OB walk the cat walk, and get attacked ;)
<[OB]DrDictator> he's crackin' me up ^_^
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<[OB]DrDictator> st00p, I have to say, at times you are *the* coolest guy
in chat.
<St00pid> why? what did i do?
<[OB]DrDictator> fall in love with Rachael.
<St00pid> QUOTE!!! :-D
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<Gun> you even confused him with that statement
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<St00pid> lol no really whad i do?
<Gun> btw it's Racheal ;)
<St00pid> rachAEL
<[OB]DrDictator> raechal?
<St00pid> 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<Gun> el roacho
<th00permann> rachael!!!!
<lukimel> hey has anyone played RYL before?
<Gun> nope
<[OB]DrDictator> correct me if I'm wrong, but having a ! in your name
bans you from chat, right?
<St00pid> as in Really affected by ewwish cocky hags and loosers
<[OB]DrDictator> or is it just at the front or back or whatever
<Gun> yes OB it does
<[OB]DrDictator> in that case, did hottieboy ban himself by renaming
himself hott!eboy? Or did an admin with a sense of humor do that?
<St00pid> Really Affected by Ewwish Cocky Hags and Loosers
<[OB]DrDictator> hott!eboy*
<St00pid> roflmbo!!!!!!
<St00pid> dang it
<St00pid> 8((((((((
<Fry> theres some nice rentals right now
<Fry> wow
<[OB]DrDictator> st00p, you got it wrong
<St00pid> i know 8(
<St00pid> fry do you play renegade?
<[OB]DrDictator> Really Attracted to Ewwish Cocky Hags and Losers
<Fry> ya
<[OB]DrDictator> only missed two words.
<St00pid> fry, do you play the UNrules server?
<Fry> not that i know... i dont play much
<St00pid> o
<Gun> rachael = jabba?
<Fry> mostly lan games
<St00pid> maybe the one you married....
<St00pid> o
<[OB]DrDictator> clarify so they know, gun. The Hutt.
<St00pid> there is this really good sniper guy named fry that playes the
UNrules servers
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<Fry> ah
<Gun> stoop = the lil elf thing running around laughing all the time
<St00pid> gun i have no idea who you are talking about
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<Fry> well, this is my real last name so...
<[OB]DrDictator> star wars, st00p. Remember the big slimy slug? Its
name was Jaba the Hutt.
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<[OB]DrDictator> xD
<St00pid> if you are referring to the notorius crime lord Jabba the Hutt,
then you totally mispelled his name
<[OB]DrDictator> bah.
<Fry> lol
<St00pid> :-D
<St00pid> i know pretty much everything about star wars, dont ever
mispell anything
<[OB]DrDictator> Jabba ate that extra B cuz he was hungry.
<Gun> crime lord? he's not tony montana
<[OB]DrDictator> He's now Jaba.
<St00pid> lol
<St00pid> rofl gun
<kay> OB speaks the truth
<[OB]DrDictator> listen to my truth! Join my army! Give in to my promises
of fame and fortune!
<St00pid> jabba had a pet rancor that would have killed luke skywalker
<[OB]DrDictator> if jabba hadn't eaten it last Thanksgiving
<St00pid> and the garromean guards were.......... stupid.......
<[OB]DrDictator> Gamorrean, I thought?
<St00pid> stupid pig things
<[OB]DrDictator> don't ever mispell anything.
<St00pid> thats what i said, gamorrean
<[OB]DrDictator> don't even mispell the word mis-spell.
<St00pid> its typos dude
<Fry> lol
<Fry> excuses
<Gun> .....anyone so nerdy to know the name of the guards can't have
an opinion on chicks/planks/hutts
<St00pid> eh.......?
* [OB]DrDictator takes back his knowledge of anything Star wars.
<[OB]DrDictator> however, I don't need knowledge of planks.
<sikhippy> stop arguing
<Fry> ahhh i've played the rpg...
<lukimel> lol i been installing ryl for like 30 mins and its not half way done
>_ <[OB]DrDictator> for xbox Fry?
<Fry> ya
<[OB]DrDictator> me too!
<[OB]DrDictator> that's why I know.
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<Fry> good game
<St00pid> dude you dont even know half of it.....
<Fry> both of em
<[OB]DrDictator> yep, it's pretty good
<[OB]DrDictator> st00p, I never claimed to know much about Star Wars.
I just wanted to call you on your misspelling.
<Fry> hehe
<[OB]DrDictator> especially since you wrecked that name after getting
on to Gun about missing a B.
<St00pid> hey man, it was a type
<St00pid> typii
<St00pid> typ9
<St00pid> typo**********
<Gun> spam
<Fry> rofl
<[OB]DrDictator> spam!
<St00pid> /clear
<[OB]DrDictator> hm
<[OB]DrDictator> I thought about it, and then didn't.
<St00pid> what?
<St00pid> god!!!!
<[OB]DrDictator> opping you for a second and then kicking you.
<St00pid> :-/
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<Fry> lol
<St00pid> would you?
<St00pid> :-D
<[OB]DrDictator> no.
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<St00pid> awwwwww
<St00pid> 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> Ask Free Willy to seduce me into it, and I might.
<St00pid> she seduces everybody without even thinking about it :-/
<Gun> behold for jiggle of delight
<[OB]DrDictator> haha
<St00pid> she doesnt even know she is, she doesnt even try 8(
<Fry> hey drdictator... i'm gonna attack you... hehe
<[OB]DrDictator> haha
<[OB]DrDictator> ok
<Fry> go rank 1782
<Gun> finger flick her arm for a bellydance
<St00pid> im gunna DIE!!!!
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<[OB]DrDictator> it's not a bellydance, technically, but it has more wiggle.
<St00pid> i had a dream about her last night, and the night before, and
the night before........ thats how bad its getting 8(
<Gun> it travels far and wide
<[OB]DrDictator> yikes. Sounds like you need to wash your sheets.
<St00pid> your discusting
<Fry> that means i may be clicking the higher button for a little while
<[OB]DrDictator> and you're disgusting.
<St00pid> disgusting
<kay> it's funny how st00pid is hilarious
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<[OB]DrDictator> yeah, I know. ^_^
<St00pid> wy what did i do?
<St00pid> why*
<Gun> I know how to get your mind off jabba..... think of the plank ;p
<[OB]DrDictator> oh yes
<St00pid> o.O
<[OB]DrDictator> think of planketyplankplank.
<St00pid> you guys are mean 8(
<St00pid> lol birdman
<Fry> holy, i got owned...
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<[OB]DrDictator> lol Fry
<kay> sucka, you got serrrrved
<Fry> 1 cone of cold got all my dudes
<Gun> heh
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<kay> then dance, sucka. you ain't got nuthin' on me
<Fry> and then some
<St00pid> rofl im still thinking about your example, "if you got your tongue
stuck to a pole, i would help you. if you did it again, i would make fun of you,
and if you did it a third time, i would carp you to no end"
<[OB]DrDictator> but this is the 20th time.
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<St00pid> but...... thinking about rachael isn't sticking my tongue to a pole
<Gun> get the popcorn
<[OB]DrDictator> well, it depends on your definition of a pole.
<[OB]DrDictator> or something like that.
<Fry> ah
<Gun> she isn't thin enough to be a pole
<St00pid> 1st off, my skin doesnt get ripped off and little kids dont come
up to me and kick me when i think of her............... well on second thought
..... scratch that kid part........
<Fry> lol
<Gun> the kids kick you anyways
<St00pid> nahhhhh
<St00pid> just when i stand there drooling
<St00pid> having a daydream
<St00pid> :-P
<[OB]DrDictator> I thought of a joke!
<St00pid> noOoOoOooo.......
<[OB]DrDictator> Q: What did St00pid get on his IQ test?
<Gun> .....stoop stop scaring the children
<[OB]DrDictator> A: Drool.
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<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<St00pid> A: Drool............................................... what??
<[OB]DrDictator> my point is proven.
* [OB]DrDictator bows and kneels. Behold your master.
<Fry> you know, i was thinking... why were all of my dudes lined up in a
cone shaped area
<[OB]DrDictator> you have a point, Fry
<Gun> B. Rachael's toe nail size
<[OB]DrDictator> haha
<[OB]DrDictator> nah, that's a HUGE score.
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<kay> st00pid truly is stupid. unless he's just playing around
<St00pid> ................................. huh????
<kay> then he got me there - you are hilarious!
<Gun> indeed so that's a wrong answer
<[OB]DrDictator> yep, definitely.
<kay> hilarity ensues!
<[OB]DrDictator> st00pid rocks.
<St00pid> what did i do?!?!?!
<kay> and is also a comedy genius!
<[OB]DrDictator> you fell in love with Rachel
<Gun> you licked the pole
<[OB]DrDictator> Raechel*
<St00pid> who told you gun?!?!
<[OB]DrDictator> Ratchel*
<St00pid> richard?
<kay> oh stop, st00pid! you're too much
<[OB]DrDictator> simmons!
<Fry> lets see if my dudes get inside a cone shaped area again
<Gun> you did 15 secs ago
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<kay> ahahahhgagahahsdah
<Fry> shaped...
<Fry> ahh ya
<St00pid> what did i do kay?
<kay> there you go again!
<[OB]DrDictator> speaking of cone shaped..../me looks at Rachael
* St00pid tackles birdman
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<kay> pretending that you don't understand what I am implying! true
comedy genius!
<[OB]DrDictator> exactly!
* St00pid straps some plastic wings to him and chucks him off a cliff and
says "lets see if you really can fly...."
* Gun shutters the glow she inflicts
<St00pid> kay what ARE you implying?
<[OB]DrDictator> she reminds me of a supervillain from Spiderman!
<[OB]DrDictator> which one was it...
<Gun> rhino
<[OB]DrDictator> ah, yes. The Rhinoceros.
<Fry> hehe
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
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- new players: server grants op status to chadderbox
<St00pid> 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<Gun> pole on the nose
<[OB]DrDictator> pole on the nose, and st00pid hanging by the tongue.
* [OB]DrDictator cracks up at the thought
<St00pid> nooo........
<St00pid> i didnt have any tongue left, so......
<Gun> botcheck meek/guns hehe
<[OB]DrDictator> lol gun
<St00pid> i tinkled all over the pole and it froze..... :/
<[OB]DrDictator> ew. With your tongue stuck to it?
<[OB]DrDictator> gross.
<St00pid> lol
<St00pid> i did that to an electric fence once... to see if it really was
electric...... turns out i was right :-/
<Fry> hey dictator, i will attack your box... lol
<[OB]DrDictator> my box?
<[OB]DrDictator> nooo
<St00pid> hahaha
<Fry> your box has no minion
<Gun> cage*
<[OB]DrDictator> nope, it doesn't.
<St00pid> how am i hilarious?
<Fry> imma gonna snoop in your box then
<St00pid> or are you guys being sarcastic 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> no, you really are funny.
<St00pid> how?
<[OB]DrDictator> but only when we're making fun of Rhino.
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<St00pid> 8(
<Gun> previous statements of inept thinking make them laugh
<St00pid> whos that?
<[OB]DrDictator> Free Willy.
<St00pid> i never read that book
<[OB]DrDictator> but you loved the main character.
<St00pid> tha who?
<[OB]DrDictator> hehe
<Gun> w/e ishmale
<Fry> hehe
<[OB]DrDictator> hahah Ishmael = st00pid
<St00pid> that little kid?
<[OB]DrDictator> beautiful, Gun, just beautiful.
<[OB]DrDictator> tell me, does Rachael love your peg leg?
<St00pid> whats an ishmale?
<Gun> the great white whale..... with a pole muahahaha
<St00pid> .........................
<[OB]DrDictator> lol Gun
<St00pid> :-/
<St00pid> gun just because your jealous
<[OB]DrDictator> awwwwww, it's ok st00p.
<St00pid> at least i got a whale!
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<Fry> how did your box win fights with no minions?
<[OB]DrDictator> She's not *really* fat, unless you can draw a picture in
her belly.
<Gun> yeah I want to hang on the edge
<St00pid> rofl what?
* [OB]DrDictator remembers the portrait he made on that tummy...
<St00pid> >:-O
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<Gun> astrodome?
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<[OB]DrDictator> it was a masterpiece. Due to the size of the canvas, I
had much room for detail.
<St00pid> i made a cartoon for rachael
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- new players: Welcome again, GG_Allin_Lives
<[OB]DrDictator> you did?
<St00pid> she said it was funny
<Gun> you did too much detail on the mole with a hair.....
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<[OB]DrDictator> does she have any moles, st00p?
<St00pid> who wants to see the movie i made for her?
<[OB]DrDictator> is it now playing?
<Gun> ..... pg
<St00pid> no but she has cute sexy freckles :-D
<[OB]DrDictator> cute sexy ones, eh?
<[OB]DrDictator> lol Gun
<[OB]DrDictator> I just now got that
<Gun> ....sick fetish man
<[OB]DrDictator> hahahahaha
<St00pid> not dark, not too light, not..... red........ not too many, not in the
wrong places, but just right :-D
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<[OB]DrDictator> red?
<[OB]DrDictator> does she have red hair?
<St00pid> scottish people
<St00pid> no she has blonde hair
<[OB]DrDictator> this may totally change my opinion, redheads are hot
<[OB]DrDictator> oh. Forget it then.
<Gun> dude shhhh going to vomit....
<Fry> alright, im outta here laters
<[OB]DrDictator> later Fry
<St00pid> c ya fryguy
Fry left the room.
<St00pid> shes not one of them dumb blondes, shes very intellectual
* St00pid used a big word!
<Gun> she likes stoopid ppl tho
<[OB]DrDictator> true
<St00pid> nah im smart in real life
<St00pid> and im funny in real life
<[OB]DrDictator> she likes the domination factor, most likely.
* Gun prays that's true
<[OB]DrDictator> 0=)
* [OB]DrDictator prays for doughnuts
<St00pid> and......... she says im hot in real life............ not sure if shes
sarcastic or not........... :-/
<St00pid> but she did kinda go off on me when i said i wasnt hot
<Gun> low expectations
<[OB]DrDictator> lol gun
<[OB]DrDictator> haha
<St00pid> gun lets put it this way
<[OB]DrDictator> yes, lets!
<St00pid> she could literally have any guy she wants
<[OB]DrDictator> ~~~~~~~~~> this way
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<[OB]DrDictator> no, she couldn't.
<[OB]DrDictator> I'm a guy.
<St00pid> wanna bet?
<St00pid> you would fall for her
<Gun> she thinks your cute like a squirrel
<[OB]DrDictator> I would not.
<St00pid> but she wouldnt fall for you ~.O
<[OB]DrDictator> hate to tell you st00pid, but I don't fall for people that I
could go to jail because of.
<St00pid> hahahahaha
<[OB]DrDictator> when she hits 18, then we'll talk.
<St00pid> serves you right! lookin at her like that..... jeeze man..........
<[OB]DrDictator> I look at her like I look at doughnuts.
<[OB]DrDictator> because she ate mine.
<[OB]DrDictator> piggyy
<Gun> we were trying to look Around her
<[OB]DrDictator> lol Gun
<St00pid> you....... drool all over her.........................?
<St00pid> or you stay up all night getting fat off of her.......?
<Gun> no can't reach the pole
<St00pid> /clear everybody
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<St00pid> /clear
<kay> hey guys, I was AFK. what did I miss?
<[OB]DrDictator> no, I won't stay up all night getting fat off of her.
<[OB]DrDictator> that would take forever.
<St00pid> /clear
<[OB]DrDictator> remove the space in front
<[OB]DrDictator> it'll work better
<St00pid> you try it
<[OB]DrDictator> no. This is so getting saved.
<St00pid> 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
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<[OB]DrDictator> bet you don't even know her address.
* Gun cleared already
<Gun> he doesn't
<St00pid> i dont know her address, because im not a stalker
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<[OB]DrDictator> !!!!
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<[OB]DrDictator> are you kidding
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<St00pid> ............
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<[OB]DrDictator> you just told me the shade of her freckles
<[OB]DrDictator> and how sexy they were
<[OB]DrDictator> you define stalker
<St00pid> so?
<Hellcatcher> hi
<Gun> and drooling on scared children
<[OB]DrDictator> hi hell.
<[OB]DrDictator> exactly!
<St00pid> dude, so what if i look at her face instead of her breasts
when i talk to her
<[OB]DrDictator> what's that have to do with anything?
<Gun> ok tone it down..... we don't need the images
<[OB]DrDictator> exactly.
<St00pid> let me explain
<[OB]DrDictator> besides, you'd probably still find freckles if you did.
<St00pid> i like her a LOT.........
<Gun> OB already painted one of those
* [OB]DrDictator slaps himself
<St00pid> drop dead birdman
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
* [OB]DrDictator drops
<St00pid> DEAD!
<Gun> catch him!
<[OB]DrDictator> I won't go that far.
chickensoup64 has joined the room.
<St00pid> 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> You'll never catch me alive!
* [OB]DrDictator runs off cackling
<St00pid> hahahaha
lukimel has joined the room.
<[OB]DrDictator> yummmmm lemon truffles
<lukimel> Wow, im finally running RYL and its music is astounding!
<St00pid> ok well...... i like her a lot, when i talk to her, i listen to
everything she says, every little detail, when i look at her, its amazing...... i
remember........ every little detail........ thats how much i like her
* Gun don't let thing live long
<[OB]DrDictator> dude....st00pid, I know how you can get her.
<[OB]DrDictator> trust me.
<St00pid> HOW?!?!?!?!?!?!
<[OB]DrDictator> It's foolproof, and that includes you even.
<[OB]DrDictator> Buy her truffles.
<[OB]DrDictator> You could even have me if you did that.
<St00pid> your not gunna say something stupid are you.....?
<[OB]DrDictator> I'm serious
lukimel left the room.
<[OB]DrDictator> truffles are formed from the spots where God kisses
the earth
<[OB]DrDictator> and they taste like angels dancing on your tongue
<[OB]DrDictator> buy her some, and she'll love you as if you were me.
<kay> I was looking back at the chat so far since I was AFK
<St00pid> bah
<St00pid> nobody loves you birdman
<kay> "kay what ARE you implying?" ahaha you are hilarious
<[OB]DrDictator> lol kay
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<St00pid> lol taste like angels dancing on your tongue....... have you
actually had that experience?
<Gun> don't ask
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
<kay> <St00pid> your not gunna say something stupid are you.....?
<[OB]DrDictator> I'll admit, no chocolate would be involved with that
<St00pid> that bum lady you pulled off the street doesnt count as an
angel birdman, sorry to say....
<[OB]DrDictator> you mean Rachael?
<St00pid> no i mean your mother
<[OB]DrDictator> no, you silly.
ymisodumb has joined the room.
<Gun> w8 couldn't of been Off the street
<[OB]DrDictator> Rachael was working the corner earlier, not my mom.
<St00pid> yeah your right
<[OB]DrDictator> she was off at the store.
<St00pid> .....
* [OB]DrDictator grins
* [OB]DrDictator eats another rum truffle
<St00pid> birdman, your mother was banned from the streets after
everybody dropped dead on your street....
<kay> original humor^^^
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<[OB]DrDictator> she wasn't banned, the new replacement populace
doesn't have a clue.
<St00pid> then they handcuffed her so she couldn't ever raise her arms
<Gun> .....ok that sucked now no more mama "jokes" if you call em that
<[OB]DrDictator> They just came from Rachael, so death is better.
<[OB]DrDictator> ok, no more of them, agreed.
<St00pid> O>O
<St00pid> O.O ***
Lazarus left the room.
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^ ***
<St00pid> ;-(
<[OB]DrDictator> I'm just messing with you dude
<[OB]DrDictator> I love Rachael
<[OB]DrDictator> who else would tuck me in at night?
<St00pid> >:-O
<Gun> the angels
<[OB]DrDictator> don't get jealous.
<[OB]DrDictator> the ones that dance on my tongue?
<St00pid> YOUR jealous!!!
<[OB]DrDictator> I'm not jealous, bro. I'm in college.
<St00pid> because GIRLS like me!!!
<Gun> yep the lil fairies
<[OB]DrDictator> women like me though.
<[OB]DrDictator> there's a difference.
<St00pid> women that were once men!!!
<[OB]DrDictator> well, everyone makes mistakes.
<Gun> ok chill
<[OB]DrDictator> er, I mean no!
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<[OB]DrDictator> seriously dude, I'll lay off for a while now. ^_^
<kay> "women that were once men!!!" st00pid and his truly one-of-a-kind
<Gun> have to roll off.....
<[OB]DrDictator> yeah
<kay> how unique and original
* [OB]DrDictator chalks down the 20th pole-licking festival as a success and
moves on.
<St00pid> i love her 8( this sucks
<[OB]DrDictator> it wouldnt suck if you'd ask her out.
<St00pid> birdman, it was half licking, half pissing
<Gun> yeah stoop your comebacks stink something horrid.....
<[OB]DrDictator> no speaking of those bodily functions.
<Gun> least not those
<St00pid> birdman, thats a bad idea, she would get freaked out and our
friendship wouldnt be the same (half quote from stephanie, half from
<[OB]DrDictator> well if that's the case
<Gun> search online help?
<[OB]DrDictator> you might as well just run up and kiss her, cuz either
way its further than you'll normally go.
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<St00pid> huh?
<St00pid> i was tempted at the play :-/
<[OB]DrDictator> run away fast though. If she's as perfect as you say,
she's gotta be athletic enough to catch you.
<Gun> go get em squirrel man
\<St00pid> ROFL!!!!
<St00pid> she is very athletic, in the very sexy way
<[OB]DrDictator> sexy as in Hulga the weightlifter?
<[OB]DrDictator> O.o
<St00pid> no...... HELL no.......
<[OB]DrDictator> or sexy as in Tina the runner?
<St00pid> uhh
<Gun> Hulga loves those truffles
<St00pid> sexy as in "wow i never seen something so sexy in my life
<[OB]DrDictator> ah
<[OB]DrDictator> sexy as in that guy in my mirror
<St00pid> does see's sell truffles
<[OB]DrDictator> I understand now.
<St00pid> See's candies.... they sell truffles?
<[OB]DrDictator> I don't konw
ymisodumb left the room.
<St00pid> birdman, that was a window, and i was on the other side
<[OB]DrDictator> lol st00p
<[OB]DrDictator> seriously though, chocolate goes straight to a girl's
<St00pid> :-
<St00pid> :-D
<St00pid> yeah i've heard :-/
<[OB]DrDictator> and her hips.
<[OB]DrDictator> but that's beside the point.
<St00pid> hey man
<St00pid> she has nice hops
<St00pid> hiops*
<St00pid> hips*
<[OB]DrDictator> not if you give her *too* much chocolate.
ymisodumb has joined the room.
<St00pid> what should i change my name to?
<Gun> blah blah blah Denial, Cali. must be a nice place to live
<[OB]DrDictator> [ilove]FreeWilly sounds good
<[OB]DrDictator> ^_^
ymisodumb left the room.
<St00pid> 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> lol Gun
<St00pid> [Birdman]LovesMe
<[OB]DrDictator> add "and my sister" to that and you've got a deal.
<St00pid> huh?
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<Gun> [Bar]Stoop
<St00pid> ............................?
<[OB]DrDictator> hahaha, even better!
<St00pid> huh?
<[OB]DrDictator> you could name yourself st00p!d.
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<St00pid> 8(
<Gun> lol
* [OB]DrDictator would die laughing.
<[OB]DrDictator> and then you'd get your drop dead wish.
<kay> [IRL]St00pid
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<St00pid> nawwww
<St00pid> IRLSmawt
Hellcatcher left the room.
<kay> even better
<Gun> [ILuv]ElRoacho
<kay> IRLSm4rt
<kay> it's gotta have the numbers because that's hip nowadays
<St00pid> hips...... RACHAEL has hips!!!!
<Gun> it's down in h-town.....
<Gun> big hips
<St00pid> 8( thanks for putting her on my mind again 8(
<[OB]DrDictator> "For your security, PeoplePC Online requires that you
disconnect and sign in again after several hours of continuous use. To
continue your session, you must disconnect and reconnect within the next
ten minutes."
<[OB]DrDictator> don't ever use Peoplepc.
<[OB]DrDictator> I'll be right back.
(Could not send data. Reconnecting. You may have have missed a few
seconds of messaging.)
*** Now in room new players
- new players: server grants op status to [OB]DrDictator
Existing rooms:
Mine: 1 users
Supreme: 2 users
Alleviation: 4 users
new players: 15 users
carnage: 19 users
<[OB]DrDictator> >. * St00pid has been made a temporary OP by [OB]DrDictator.
<[OB]DrDictator> don't spread rumors like that, you'll get me banned.
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
<St00pid> nawww, you shall be rewarded (in the afterlife)
* [OB]DrDictator just wants a reward from Rhino.
<St00pid> the who?
<[OB]DrDictator> sorry, I'll hush.
<[OB]DrDictator> meh, a Spiderman villian.
<Gun> el roacho
<St00pid> rachael is going to her grandmas to thanksgiving, but she said
she cant eat because she has been sick 8(
ymisodumb has joined the room.
<Gun> is granny just as hot or something? :P
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
lukimel has joined the room.
<St00pid> just to you gun....... just to you.........
<Gun> another pole to lick but this time on a walker ;)
<[OB]DrDictator> you know, you should always check out the girl's
mother, because that's who they'll look like when they get older.
<St00pid> naaaahhhhh
<[OB]DrDictator> if she tries to bite her ear, be wary.
<[OB]DrDictator> no I'm actually serious about the mother thing
<[OB]DrDictator> it's true
<St00pid> ...............?
<Gun> stoop he's not joking there
<St00pid> i havent ever seen or met her mother :-/
<[OB]DrDictator> you definitely need to.
<St00pid> i very much hate to say this.... but i hope shes hot.......
<[OB]DrDictator> big momma = rapid growth after marriage.
<[OB]DrDictator> better hope that's not the case, eh?
lukimel left the room.
<kay> boooy she gonna bring down the house
<[OB]DrDictator> lol
rong69 has joined the room.
- new players: Welcome again, rong69
YNM has joined the room.
<Gun> hey YNM
<[OB]DrDictator> aloha YNM
<[OB]DrDictator> just kidding! I didn't really want you to say hi back.
GG_Allin_Lives has joined the room.
- new players: Welcome again, GG_Allin_Lives
<YNM> hey buds
<St00pid> gotta go guys
<St00pid> goin to my grandmas
<Gun> pg....
<YNM> bye st00p
<[OB]DrDictator> hahaha
GoldFinger99 has joined the room.
<[OB]DrDictator> cya st00p
<[OB]DrDictator> have fun
<St00pid> later
St00pid left the room.
<YNM> what is un-pg?
<kay> now let's save this
* [OB]DrDictator grins*
<Gun> now that the fun has left ;)
<[OB]DrDictator> yes, time to save this
Gun left the room.
[pwnage]Exotion has joined the room.
<[OB]DrDictator> I'll brb, I'm going to kick myself so noone will talk while I
copy this.
-- You are no longer an op in new players
-- You have been kicked out of new players by [OB]DrDictator

If you read through all that, I guarantee you laughed at least once. ^_^
Oh, and the HTML tags on this took *forever*.

Genie May 11 2006 10:26 PM EDT

get the extremly funny parts / the parts that make the extremly funny parts funny and enter in my contest, master.

LayWaste-[bA May 11 2006 10:44 PM EDT

Well I'm ashamed of myself for reading all that, but it did make me 'lol', so I guess it was worth it. :)

AdminShade May 12 2006 12:56 AM EDT

I'd have killed st00pid pretty much on 1/3rd of that conversation.

Maelstrom May 12 2006 1:14 AM EDT

"Oh, and the HTML tags on this took *forever*. "

Please, please, please, tell me you didn't do all that manually! You used "replace all" or some macro, right? If not... I'm concerned about you...

QBOddBird May 13 2006 8:50 AM EDT

Yes, I did it manually. The 'Find and Replace' killed Kirby, so I just went through really quick and HTML tagged it. It took a while, but it was just down x4 left backspace. I did it while watching TV ^_^

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 13 2006 10:39 AM EDT

I almost made it...
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