Possible race condition in the fight system(stale mate) (in General)

DarKlajid May 13 2006 11:25 AM EDT

Hi there.

I'm pretty/very new to the game, so take the following report with a grain of salt please.

I'm still looking at the battle report "Roiferan (me) vs. Hertin" that ended in a stale mate.
I currently argue (not for the mere xp, rather because it seems wrong) that I won.

The last line/round of the fight shows a hit from my tank against the enemy minion and the RIP line for that guy. I'm pretty sure that the enemy should be defeated after that, not stale mated because of the round number.
My quick and dirty guess would be that the game engine always decides to call a fight "stale mate" if it takes too long (25 rounds?) and misses to check if the fight was decided before that.
Can any admin/developer look at this issue? I'm appending the fight log to this message for clarity. Lore / Skyredold are my minions, Blumpkin / Tooter the enemies.


Lore cast Antimagic Field on Blumpkin (0.22)
Lore cast Guardian Angel on all friendly Minions (?)
Skyredold cast Ethereal Chains on all enemy Minions (171)
Skyredold cast Giant Strength on all friendly Minions (224)
Tooter cast Antimagic Field on Skyredold (0.29)
Tooter cast Ablative Shield on all friendly Minions (29)
Blumpkin cast Ethereal Chains on all enemy Minions (127)
enchantment effects that cannot be determined before combat are displayed as '?'

[Ranged Combat]
R.I.P. Blumpkin

[Melee Combat]
R.I.P. Skyredold

[admin: posts like this ruin my mouse's scrollwheel]

Lore's blow was dodged by Tooter
Tooter stumbled swinging at Lore

Lore dislimbed Tooter [74]
Tooter glanced off of Lore for no damage
R.I.P. Tooter

AdminShade May 13 2006 11:27 AM EDT

Does your opponent have more minions than you have killed?

I for a fact know that you can still win in the 25th round... if you stalemate then of both teams/characters at least 1 minion is still alive.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] May 13 2006 11:30 AM EDT

There is another minion, Moolie, in the team you are attacking.

bartjan May 13 2006 11:30 AM EDT

Where does it show that Moolie died?

Nightmare [NewNightmares] May 13 2006 11:31 AM EDT

Inspect him, bro ;) Hertin has a third minion (Moolie) who just sits in the back doing nothing. That's where your stalemate came in :)

DarKlajid May 13 2006 11:32 AM EDT

I'm not 100% sure, but - see the complete log above. No other minions are mentioned. Since I'm new: Is it possible to have a minion that does _nothing_ (i.e.: Doesn't prepare magic, attacks etc.)? If something like that is possible I guess there might be a hidden minion on that team. If it's not possible I'd argue that the team is dead after round 25.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 13 2006 11:34 AM EDT

that is exactly what his third minion does, it sits there and takes shots from MM.

AdminShade May 13 2006 11:35 AM EDT

That minion type is called a Wall.

Doing nothing, other than absorbing damage

DarKlajid May 13 2006 11:36 AM EDT

Thanks a lot for proving me dumb. :-P
Sorry for wasting time here..

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 13 2006 11:37 AM EDT

questions are good, double chain mail is bad.

AdminShade May 13 2006 11:46 AM EDT

It's not about proving you dumb, more like educating a bit more :)

Adminedyit [Superheros] May 13 2006 4:05 PM EDT

the only dumb question is the one you don't ask, we are here to help if you need it

AdminShade May 13 2006 4:08 PM EDT

You could say that in a nicer way though edyit:

"The only dumb question you could ask, would be the one you don't ask."

A Bathing Ape May 13 2006 4:11 PM EDT

he who asks a question is dumb for 5 minutes; he who doesnt ask a question is forever an idiot.

bartjan May 13 2006 4:22 PM EDT

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Adminedyit [Superheros] May 13 2006 7:44 PM EDT

sorry shade i didn't think that was being mean 8(
thats just a saying my grandfather used to say to me alot

DarKlajid May 13 2006 9:58 PM EDT

Nothing on this thread was mean or disturbing. Quite the contrary: I've had a positive surprise reading all the answers and comments. ;)
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