Mentor of the Month Contest! Win 100k! (in Contests)

deifeln May 17 2006 1:57 AM EDT

The Mentor of the Month contest is back!

To get this monthly contest for the "Mentor of the Month's Piece of Chalk [4x4] (+4)" started I am providing a prize of 100k CB which will go to ONE lucky person who submits a valid nomination. The 100k prize winner will be selected randomly.

The rules are simple and I have listed them below.

1. Anyone who has started an account in the last two months is able to nominate thier official or unofficial CB mentor for the award.
2. Nominations will be anonymous.
3. Nominations will be 250 words or less.
4. Successful nominations will include a short description of a specific event wherein the mentee's mentor was helpful.
5. A panel of three anonymous judges have been chosen to select the Mentor of the Month. Their decision will be final.
6. This contest will begin collecting nominations on the 15th of every month.
7. No nominations will be accepted after the 25th of any month.
8. A winner will be selected before the end of the month.
9. This person will receive a named dagger called "Mentor of the Month's Piece of Chalk [4x4] (+4)."
10. The winner may keep the dagger for the following month, but must return the dagger to deifeln on the 25th of that month.

Do not post nominations below!

Please send all nominations to deifeln_at_hotmail_dot_com.

Do not flood this thread with your opinions, suggestions, offers for help or nominations. The former three items can be Chat Mailed to me, the latter can be sent to the above email address.

Shade/ online nomination process would be easier. CM me about this...I have some ideas and would be willing to front some CB to see them happen :o)

deifeln May 17 2006 3:33 PM EDT

Wow! I've received five decent nominations! Keep them coming!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] May 17 2006 5:54 PM EDT

bah, again a contest i will lose :(

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 17 2006 5:56 PM EDT

AoD: when I start a contest for grumpiest pointless comment you'll be a sure winner.

{CB1}Lukeyman May 17 2006 6:27 PM EDT

Good Luck to Everyone!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] May 17 2006 6:28 PM EDT

well most mentees dont ask questions so this is pretty hard if you ask me

Genie May 17 2006 7:26 PM EDT

I have tons and only 1 asks me questions.. very hard question if you ask me. Most get banned for multi now days

Syn Kitten May 17 2006 11:55 PM EDT

Mikel is my unofficial mentor, because he helped make the strat im using and it well rocks!!! thank you sweettart :) Vote for mikel for vice mentor!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] May 18 2006 4:03 AM EDT

i have 2 guys who asked me questions yesterday, me so happy :D
go this contest

{CB1}Lukeyman May 18 2006 6:56 AM EDT

About once a month if i'm lucky I have a good mentee, "Miri" is doing awesome!

AdminShade May 18 2006 12:18 PM EDT

I had a pretty nice unofficial mentee, Mrs_Beee :p

deifeln May 19 2006 1:41 AM EDT

Six days left!!! Get your nominations in!!!

deifeln May 19 2006 4:28 PM EDT

El bumpo.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] May 19 2006 9:18 PM EDT

Yay, didn't think I'd see this thing come back to life.

Well, the prize is now 500k (after I donate).


AdminShade May 20 2006 6:27 AM EDT


deifeln May 21 2006 11:53 PM EDT

Zee bump! Zee Bump!

deifeln May 23 2006 1:14 AM EDT

Another Bump!

The prize is up to 500k!!!! Spread the word!

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