A 67641 is me. (in Off-topic)

[T]Vestax May 19 2006 7:53 PM EDT

Hello, I'm user 67641. My characters are Mr. 30945, Ms. 30952, and little 35231. We like to party like it's 1999.12.31.

Dudley Dotson May 19 2006 7:56 PM EDT

Is it okay if I introduce you to Mr. Left and Mr. Right :P?

[T]Vestax May 19 2006 8:07 PM EDT

Sure thing, but I'd rather get to know Ms. Center and Ms. Justify. ;)

Dudley Dotson May 19 2006 8:12 PM EDT

How bout Mr. Criminal and Mr. Neglect and Mr. Overabused?

RAMPAGE May 19 2006 8:38 PM EDT

"Is it okay if I introduce you to Mr. Left and Mr. Right :P? "

I wish someone at my company could introduce Mr.Left and Mr. Right to each other. =)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 19 2006 8:49 PM EDT

I'm still looking for Mr. Up and Mr. Down...
my office is a mess...

Dudley Dotson May 19 2006 8:50 PM EDT

Mr.Rock and Mr. Paper[Blast] Like very intersting objects to fight with

AdminShade May 19 2006 10:03 PM EDT

I had company from Mr. Front and Mrs Back.

deifeln May 20 2006 1:44 AM EDT

Mr. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start

Dudley Dotson May 20 2006 6:00 AM EDT

no it's up down up down..I think that unlocks unlimited ammo for Dexter's laboratory on Game Boy Advance

AdminShade May 20 2006 6:24 AM EDT

Dudley: for a great deal of other console games (most of them being from capcom, as Gradius was) have the

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start cheat.

I have seen it in lots of games and also it's the lyrics of a song by the ataris.

Dudley Dotson May 20 2006 6:26 AM EDT

Shade: I was just kidding

AdminNightStrike May 25 2006 2:44 AM EDT



Syn Kitten May 25 2006 1:03 PM EDT

/me worships the code of codes..." code originaly was for contra the first nintendo" cheat" ever. yes... the dot daughter is a geek

AdminNightStrike May 26 2006 3:40 AM EDT

It wasn't the first NES cheat. First, Contra came out in February of 1988. There were at least 65 games in 1987. I know one of those was Ikari Warriors, which had the classic "ABBA" cheat for unlimited lives.

Of interest is Gradius, a Konami game from 1986. This is, indeed, the first known game to contain the code.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 30 2006 12:37 PM EDT

what about Mr. Blond, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Pink? *wonders if anyone will get the reference ;)

deifeln May 30 2006 3:25 PM EDT

Reservoir Dogs....great freakin' movie

AdminShade May 30 2006 3:31 PM EDT

it indeed was known as the Konami cheat code, i made a mistake with capcom :)

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 30 2006 3:32 PM EDT

hehe yea, im glad someone got it :)
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