New forum suggestion (in General)

AdminNightStrike May 28 2006 1:53 AM EDT

New forum: Wiki discussion

The Wiki is growing. More and more people, myself included, are adding to it to create a real useful information repository. However, with growth requires guidance, and the Wiki Style Guide isn't really enough.

I suggest a forum as a place for people to discuss changes, edits, etc. just like the wikipedia. Now, granted, the wikipedia has discussion threads built into every page. It's sort of weird. You can even edit the discussion pages. I don't think going that far is idea. However, a single place to discuss various things would be ideal as the Wiki matures and expands its borders.

As an example, the first thing I'd like to discuss before making any changes is the constant creation of Acronym pages to simply provide a single link to the expanded acronym. The style guide advises against this, and the glossary may provide a good alternative. Or, perhaps, a single page dedicated to acronyms.

The bottom line is that these posts usually wind up in general, and it may be that it's time for them to become more formal. Not formal as in having a process, having red tape, for the wiki. Just formal as in having a single place to voice new ideas or ask for help regarding a change. I've done this several times -- I knew a page had to change, but didn't know the right way to change it. A forum is the best place for such a discussion, and it may be that General no longer applies.

AdminShade May 28 2006 8:46 AM EDT

change the wiki style guide to reflect the changes?

AdminJonathan May 28 2006 8:57 AM EDT

Feel free to create wiki-related posts in General for now. I don't think there will be enough volume to warrant its own forum, but I'll be happy to create one if I'm wrong.

Maelstrom May 28 2006 9:35 AM EDT

One could also create a discussion page in the wiki...

AdminJonathan May 28 2006 10:58 AM EDT

discussion in the wiki is a dumb idea on MediaWiki sites and even dumber on CB's wiki, which doesn't support a separate discussion namespace.

Maelstrom May 28 2006 11:28 AM EDT

Meh. I'm not much of a wiki user or editor...

AdminNightStrike May 28 2006 12:31 PM EDT

It's not dump on larger wiki sites. It's possibly overdone, but the concept is sound.

However, yes, it is a dumb idea here on CB.
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