Anyone have a 200k+ Decay? (in General)

GO PATS July 1 2006 4:57 AM EDT

Hey, anyone who has a high decay around 200k or above, I was wondering if you'd give me some answers.

I have MM right now at 250k but this person is also my VA minion so I was thinking this... would a switch to Decay, at around level 200k, (and use the rest to raise my VA) do anywhere near as much damage or be at all effective against people at my PR? (400kish) I have a tank with 175k DX/ST, .60 Bloodlust, and a nice BoTh to finish enemies off with (he almost always dies last)... So, if decay at 200k would help half enemies HP, would it be better that a MM do you think?
By the way, my third minion is an AS Enchanter with PL. (RoS + AS = 200k HP appx)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 1 2006 5:51 AM EDT

Decay of 200K does the same damage as a base Decay. The damage is determined by the target's HP. Having it at 200K would help versus facing AMF, but not for damage.

Flamey July 1 2006 7:25 AM EDT

well if you want verification on that. the only thing putting xp into decay is for not getting hammered by AMF, which almost every team has. but maybe now GA is the new AMF.

a base decay can make a minion with 10 mil hp go to 5 mil. if they have no AMF

QBRanger July 1 2006 8:55 AM EDT


There you will find the character with the highest decay and see its exact level.

Make sure you click on the last realm-Gondor.
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