Any/Many Fights last longer than 10 rounds? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 11 2006 4:54 AM EDT

Does anyone have fights that routinely last longer than 10 rounds? Or 15?

Has damage (From both weapons and large DD) become too big for HP?

Are fights over too quickly? If so, is that a problem?

QBJohnnywas July 11 2006 5:04 AM EDT

Mine go from 2 to 11 rounds. But I can see as my damage grows it will shorten. It almost makes you think that melee isn't worth focusing on....anyone got an ELB they want to give away??? ;)

Godly July 11 2006 5:04 AM EDT

occasionally get 10+ rounds - i don't see it to be a problem though.

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] July 11 2006 5:13 AM EDT

have the full range of rounds, and even in some cases i could win in 40 rounds but i get a stalemate...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 11 2006 5:50 AM EDT

I can see 5 - 8 rounds becoming the standard.

AdminShade July 11 2006 5:52 AM EDT

Meaning ranged rounds are still very important or the melee rounds being the deciding factor still?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 11 2006 6:11 AM EDT

If you could take on minion out per round, that would leave 5 rounds (4 minions teams with a familiar) or 8 (if you didn't use a ranged attack) as standard.

I think we'll start to see damages that can take a minion out every round.

Megabite July 11 2006 6:42 AM EDT

Mine vary between 6 to 16 rounds. Most of them are under 10 though.

Flamey July 11 2006 8:13 AM EDT

all under 10, except for one opponent on average lasts 11 rounds, that opponent is a METE team.

Blarg July 11 2006 12:44 PM EDT

I have 3 people who fight me for over 10 rounds. All the people on my fight list I kill in less than 10. The longest fights are against someone who actually does a lot of damage with melee weapons (Ix tab)

[T]Vestax July 11 2006 1:04 PM EDT

Fights for me are usually 2 to 8 rounds. The mean seems to be 4. Then again, it was like that 6 months ago. The changes don't affect my teams performance much at all.

GnuUzir July 11 2006 3:48 PM EDT

I have 21 round fights regularly...

But it is against a 3 minion HP team ;-p

Other than that never more than 11
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