Highest AC on a Mage (in General)

[T]Vestax July 11 2006 1:38 PM EDT

Is it me or is someone beating 160?

Maelstrom July 11 2006 1:53 PM EDT

I've got AC 12 on my mage! Hurray for the cabasset!

AdminShade July 11 2006 2:31 PM EDT

160 isn't that hard now is it?

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] July 11 2006 2:31 PM EDT

Why do you equip a shield and a MC on your Mage? I have AC of 113, btw...

[T]Vestax July 11 2006 2:34 PM EDT

Your right Shade. NSFY blows me out of the water with Mini-Thing1. 227 AC on a CoC mage. Then again, he's using CMLs rather then DBs.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 11 2006 2:53 PM EDT

Shields on a mage is almost as smart as a screen door on a submarine.
AMF kills mages much more effectively than anything else, and your AC does
ziltch to help. Use those DD bonus items for what they are for, saving you from yourself, not making up for a feeble attempt to armor up a spellcaster.

[T]Vestax July 11 2006 3:18 PM EDT

Ha, no thanks novice. :) I understand the nature of my team far better then you. While you look at my CoC mage and see him fulfilling a role already taken up by my SF. Also, that would be a silly thing for me to do now that AMF is on the decline.

Hakai, I'd tell you, but the discussion would be longer then you think. I'm not one for short explanations.

AdminShade July 11 2006 3:22 PM EDT


compare the highest level of DD spells with the highest level of AMF, I think that the DD spell will certainly win it.

But even then, some extreme items:

Mithril Chain Mail [28] (+61) NW ~10.9 million
Shadow Cloak [11] (+27) NW ~11.2 million | Cloak of the Istari: [6] (+18) NW ~13.2 million
Elven Boots: [10] (+31) NW ~11.3 million
Alatar's Gloves: [0] (+15) NW ~8.8 million
Cornuthaum: [0] (+11) NW ~11 million

This gives an estimate price of this set of around 55 million CB$

This set should give an AC of: 194

[T]Vestax July 11 2006 3:25 PM EDT

Shade, thats only 168 AC. Alatar's Gloves and Cornuthaum don't give you any AC anymore.

[T]Vestax July 11 2006 3:27 PM EDT

A change which I thought was retarded given the upgrade cost of the items...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 11 2006 4:04 PM EDT

The only way for a mage to survive out to 25 rounds is to either A) Wear a max tat ToE or B) oh wait there isn't a B. No matter how much AC you slather on, you're still taking the same blow back from AMF. The only thing a 4 minion non ToE mage team can do is seek to max out DD to avoid killing themselves by round 10. I ebb and flow around here regarding AMF is really funny to me, as the current lax nature has mage teams well entrenched in the top 10.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 11 2006 7:00 PM EDT

I'm loving the AC on my mage. Along with the 10% my PL minion has, it goes a long way to keeping her alive longer. ;)

SNK3R July 11 2006 8:40 PM EDT

Dude, I got you all beat: 0 AC, baby! ;)
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