For those of you who like to read the BBC (in General)

AdminJonathan July 11 2006 4:54 PM EDT

Verifex figured out what was causing the frame problem some people saw after visiting the BBC, then coming to CB. Apparently "main" is a semi-reserved word to modern browsers, so when CB used it as the name of a frameset things could get confused.

Still not sure why the BBC seemed so good at triggering the problem, but changing the frameset name seems to be all that was needed to fix things.

Thanks, Verifex!

th00p July 11 2006 4:55 PM EDT

Thanks indeed! Hurrah for our savior of the day! ( I was getting worried that I couldn't burn BA anymore! )

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 11 2006 4:58 PM EDT

This bug was bothering me so much, I'm so glad its fixed now.

AdminG Beee July 11 2006 5:07 PM EDT

Well done Verifex, and thanks!

QBsutekh137 July 11 2006 5:13 PM EDT

I hope you make millions someday, deserve it -- good troubleshooting skills and a tenacious problem-attack mode are sooo hard to find these days. Kudos to you!

AdminShade July 11 2006 5:21 PM EDT

This should be a changelog :p

Vicious Cat July 12 2006 2:42 PM EDT

Flipping Heck Verifex - very well done.

<whisper> I'd forgotten all about it to be honest

Thanks from me too
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