AutoMatic Retire? Question (in General)

ThatOneMan July 14 2006 7:29 PM EDT

Ok i got a question. If you dont play a newly created character for like a week does he automatically get retired.

I went up north to my cottege for a like 2 weeks and there is no internet or anything up there so i couldnt get on at all. About 2 days before i left i created a character Sabu. I got his score to 400 before i left. When i came back home today and was finally able to get on i found Sabu was retired and was in Unretire character. It showed the date that he was retired and it was July 5th so im lucky i came on when i got home so i could unretire him. Anyways i was gone from like June 29th to today and i wasnt on at all during that time. So i was just wondering how or why Sabu was retired. i didnt kno if a new character gets retired automatically if u dont use him or something. My main character ThatOneMan did not get retired so im thinking maybe its cause it was a new character or something.

th00p July 14 2006 7:48 PM EDT

Sraight from the FAQs:

Q: What is this about Characters being auto-retired?

A: Auto-retire is a feature built into the game to get rid of abandoned characters. It compares your score and your PR (power rating). If your score drops too low relative to your power rating (the actual ratio is subject to change, but low enough that a normally equipped character will not have to worry), then you will receive a warning e-mail. If you do nothing, your character will be auto-retired in one week.

We do this because when people strip a Character of items and move on to another without retiring the first, the abandoned Character will sink in score and start to cause a lot of stalemates because his HP is high compared to others at the lower score. This tends to really annoy people.

If you are actively playing your Character, reaching this ratio is unheard of. However, it does occasionally happen to "mule" Characters of an otherwise active user. (Hint: don't create Minions for your mules.) For this reason we send the warning e-mail to give you a chance to bring your PR up (or at the very least transfer your items off) before the time your character is set to auto-retire.

Finally, if your character does happen to get auto-retired you will still have one final option. There is a 4 day window beginning 4 days after you are auto-retired during which you can "unretire" your character. Remember, however, that if your score remains too low, your character will end up being auto-retired again.

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] July 14 2006 8:02 PM EDT

Shouldn't this be in the General forum?

AdminShade July 14 2006 8:54 PM EDT

Sabu's score had dropped below the threshold of retirement.

also topic moved to general.
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