My family got a new puppy... (in Off-topic)

SNK3R July 15 2006 12:46 AM EDT

Say, "Hello," to Luna. She is a pure-bred yellow lab and just turned 6 weeks old.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 15 2006 12:48 AM EDT

No more loyal animal exists than the yellow lab, I miss my Emma dearly.
Watch those hips and enjoy the horrifying aroma, you'll miss it someday.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 15 2006 2:50 AM EDT

Wow, is that an actual picture you took of your own dog? It's a very cute looking puppy, but I must say I love the picture, very high quality and professional!

GnuUzir July 15 2006 6:28 AM EDT

SNK - ::Gnu's Wife typing:: .. O.M.G.!!!! you're puppy is so CUTE!!

btw... I think you are all nerds


I discourage your nerdisms....


I can't believe the spell checker doesn't except abbreviations unless a high enough number of words are spelled correctly.... so ignore the below.

Pull my finger, I am spelling random words to throw off and trick the spell checker to except my abbreviations... yes... it is sort of pointless because in less words... as Gnu pointed out I could have just spelled my abreviations correctly... but darn it... I think that horse manure.... So, I'm now showing my spoiled brat side. Anyway... Yes, I concure, adorable puppy.
Drinking is fun, please make fun of him royally for this message.

Adminedyit [Superheros] July 15 2006 6:50 AM EDT

that is adorable SNK :)

AdminShade July 15 2006 6:53 AM EDT

so cute, wonderful, even while I don't like dogs.

InebriatedArsonist July 15 2006 7:35 AM EDT

Gnu, please inform your wife I prefer one of the following terms in lieu of "nerd:" nutcase, crank, community drunk, The Ripper, whacko, and, on occasion, "that annoying guy who corrects my spelling mistakes."

Thank you.

jayuu July 15 2006 11:24 AM EDT

Hello Luna! Welcome to CB!

Amber: I find the word 'nerd' highly offensive. I prefer the term 'Basement Gremlin'. :D

QBBarzooMonkey July 15 2006 12:08 PM EDT

Look at her! Who's a pretty girl? Regan The WonderDog says to type "woof, woof, bark!" Congrats, SNK - best thing I've done in a long time was to get my own dog... Enjoy her! :)

Mem July 15 2006 3:12 PM EDT

I used to have yellow lab. He was certainly a good dog, but mind what novice says. His hips went bad so we had to put him to sleep. You'll love that dog to death, but make sure you take good care of her. She's worth it.

By the way, my compliments to whomever took that picture.

bartjan July 15 2006 3:45 PM EDT

bartjan@aventura:~$ jhead lunarb1.jpg
File name    : lunarb1.jpg
File size    : 150450 bytes
File date    : 2006:07:15 06:21:59
Camera make  : KONICA MINOLTA
Camera model : MAXXUM 7D
Date/Time    : 2006:07:14 08:13:24
Resolution   : 1504 x 1000
Flash used   : No
Focal length : 50.0mm
Exposure time: 0.067 s  (1/15)
Aperture     : f/5.6
ISO equiv.   : 400
Exposure bias: 0.30
Metering Mode: matrix
Exposure     : program (auto)
Jpeg process : Baseline
A good camera certainly helps ;)

SNK3R July 15 2006 3:50 PM EDT

Regarding who took the picture: This is the work of my brother. He's very talented with the camera and this is one of those examples. I'll let him know of your compliments, guys, thanks. :)

And, yes, this is the picture of Luna herself, not another dog. If you look to the right of Luna, you can see our animal-love basket full of toys for the cats and dogs. (You wouldn't believe it, but they actually dig out the toys themselves if they're not already on the carpet.) The bone to the right is a standard bone we give our dogs -- they love them!

I'm not quite sure what the box is there for to the left of her. We seldom have a box out for one of ours cats, Tippy (or Little Buddy), and she goes crazy with boxes. She tries to hide in them and pounce out and catch one of the fake mouses on the carpet. ;)

P.S. Bart, you're one of a kind. (And, yes, that's a good kind!)

bartjan July 15 2006 4:45 PM EDT

I've set it as my coworker's background image ;)
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