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AdminNightStrike July 27 2006 3:29 AM EDT

Under Enchant Offense, there is the following:

"Magic bonuses/penalties given by items have 3/4 effect on Enchant Offense Spells."

Under Enchant Defense, there is the following:

"Magic bonuses/penalties given by items have 2/3 effect on Enchant Defense Spells."

Where does this information come from? I equipped a named Corn +9, which would imply a bonus of 20%. Both of my enchant offense and enchant defense spells are EXACTLY 1.2 * trained level. Now, I don't know about the "penalty" side of the above statements, but I fail to see the validity in the "bonus" side.

I further fail to see why this would ever be the case. Why say that an item gives a bonus or penalty of x% when it's really .75x? That's preposterous.

AdminNightStrike July 27 2006 4:03 AM EDT

Ok, so bartjan just modified it to throw out the bonus side of things. That's a start.

Regarding the penalty side, what I see is that training a base protection (1000) and wearing an Adam (11.333%), SC, CML, HoD, and Cesti all adds up to a 20% penalty. The protection was reduced to 802/1000.


What this implies is that the 2/3 or 3/4 effect mentioned is really just an additional 0.667% or 0.75% penalty which is already mentioned on each item. Since it's already mentioned on the items themselves as a penalty (however small that might be), it's pointless to restate this and add confusion.

bartjan July 27 2006 4:07 AM EDT

I think you are adding confusion...

AdminNightStrike July 27 2006 4:09 AM EDT

Cache flush screwed me up... The above armors yield the following penalties according to the Wiki:

AC: 0.11333
SC: 0.00667
CML: 0.03333
Cesti: 0.01333
HoD: 0.03333

That all adds up to about 0.20, which is what I saw.

AdminNightStrike July 27 2006 4:11 AM EDT

bart, the penalty is listed twice. Since each item already contains this small two-thirds of a percent penalty, saying there's an additional penalty is incorrect. Further, as stated, it's not even correct. "penalties...have 2/3 effect on Enchant Defense..."

What's a 2/3 effect?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 27 2006 4:19 AM EDT

I tihnk it's due to the way armour is described ont he Stats page.

For example, a TSA give a 10% penalty to 'Magic'.

But actually, this is only a 10% penalty to DD spells, EO suffer 3/4 of 10% or 7.5% and ED suffer 6.66% reduction from a TSA. :)

I hope this helps!

AdminNightStrike July 27 2006 4:21 AM EDT

So then perhaps it should more appropriately read DD instead of Magic, and then the ambiguous statements from the Enchantments pages can disappear.

bartjan July 27 2006 4:40 AM EDT

The penalty is only listed once on each page. People shouldn't have to read the entire Wiki in order to get the information they want, so of course there's some redundancy needed. But where does it say that the penalty is applied twice?

AdminShade July 27 2006 6:14 AM EDT

The page perhaps needs a bit of a change to reflect penalties only.

bonuses are now specifically given to 1 or 2 types of magic.
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