Calling Lukey, DAWG, Ranger, Mikel, Edyit, Valiek, Solomon Grundy, and (in Contests)

Mem August 2 2006 9:54 AM EDT

You'll win 25k if you answer the question posed in the CB Fantasy Football League thread.

For goodness sakes, men (or women)!

{CB1}Lukeyman August 2 2006 4:38 PM EDT

Well, I don't know enough about this stuff to answer, but I say Head to head sounds best

Mem August 2 2006 5:36 PM EDT

Mem (The First) Lukey Beee (Lukemania) $25000 -- contest 5:34 PM EDT

Thanks, Lukey! (You still need to change your team name though! Include Lukey in there somewhere!)

You other guys don't want a free 25k?! Sheesh!

Solomon Grundy August 2 2006 5:48 PM EDT

I vote for head to head

Adminedyit [Superheros] August 2 2006 5:49 PM EDT

If we have enough for head to head i'm all for it.

QBRanger August 2 2006 7:11 PM EDT

Tet a tet

Mem August 2 2006 9:24 PM EDT

Mem (The First) Solomon Grundy (Solomon Grundy) $25000 -- contest! 9:20 PM EDT
Mem (The First) QBRanger (Koyaanisqatsi) $25000 -- contest! 9:20 PM EDT
Mem (The First) edyit (Vlad Tepes) $25000 -- Contest! 9:19 PM EDT

Valiek, DAWG, Mikel, and Josh! What the heck?! You don't want your money? Hurry up! Answer the damn question!

Mem August 3 2006 3:00 PM EDT

Mem (The First) Valiek (Icey) $25000 -- contest! 3:00 PM EDT

Mikel, DAWG, and Josh still haven't voted...

Mem August 4 2006 1:17 AM EDT

From: Mikel Sent: August 3 2006 8:01 PM EDT Delivered: August 3 2006 11:45 PM EDT Head to head, not vs everyone every week.

Mem (The First) Mikel (The Alchemist) $25000 -- contest! 1:15 AM EDT

DAWG and Josh... Not that your votes matter anymore. We have 10 people right now, so it makes sense that we go head-to-head. But you all voted for it. Now you've got it.

deifeln August 4 2006 8:33 AM EDT

I agree that head to head makes the most sense...are we going to get two more players?

Mem August 4 2006 10:12 AM EDT

If two more people want to join they are more than welcome, but I doubt that there are two more people here that want to. They'd surely have spoken up about it by now...

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 4 2006 2:31 PM EDT

I've always been a fan of Head-to-Head. Especially when keeping the Yahoo! scoring format. Points only makes more sense if you're going to fool around with the scoring. So my answer is, head to head.

Mem August 4 2006 2:50 PM EDT

Mem (The First) Josh (Vacation) $25000 -- contest! 2:49 PM EDT

Sorry, DAWG, you're out of luck now. That's the last of the rewards being paid out.
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