Need help with strat (in General)

Wrath August 3 2006 7:46 PM EDT

Look at my charector maiba and tell me what you think.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 3 2006 7:55 PM EDT

Looks good, but I'd hire a fourth minion to train GA and AMF

QBRanger August 3 2006 7:58 PM EDT

One of the best things of the ROS is the ability to use both DM and AMF.

Right now your not using the ROS to its full ability. However the ROS can only protect your AMF up to 1/4th its level. So keep your DM at that level, 1/4 the level of the ROS or MTL (whichever is lower).

I agree with novice completely. Get the 4th minion with AMF and GA.

Wrath August 3 2006 8:00 PM EDT

I've got the 4th and its working out great thanks guys.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 4 2006 4:16 AM EDT

The only thing I'd add would be to add VA to your last ED slot. Your RoS will stop it being reduced by some/most DM you face, and VA rocks. ;)

Oh, and get some base armours on all your guys, even an AC of 20 will help! ;)

QBJohnnywas August 4 2006 4:54 AM EDT

Ok, what would I do with your team? Firstly I'd take the GA from your tank. You want him as strong and as fast as you can and using GA on him just takes xp away from your strength and dex. You could change it to VA. VA can make a huge difference to the outcome of your fights.

Have you got an Amulet of Invisibility? If not try renting one. Put it either on your tank or your CoC mage. I'd probably be more inclined to put it on the tank, but try it either way and see if it makes a difference to your fights.

Everything else looks good though. :) Now just go and earn some clan points!!! :)

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