MM change (in General)

BootyGod August 19 2006 4:20 PM EDT

Well, the AoI really hurt MM. It's still at least slightly usable, but definitely not at high levels. So I was thinking of a way to boost it, without boosting the other spells equally.

Well, I think the best way to do it would make it so that MM gets more levels for exp. But not damage. Basically, at comparitive levels, MM would be less effected by AMF. Kind of like the VB of the spell world. But it would still be limited in use because of character who use DM instead.

What do you all think?

QBOddBird August 19 2006 4:36 PM EDT

With a +40 TSA and a +35 MgS, a level 1 mil MM would still only do 75k damage the first round, and a bit more afterwards and so on....and that's with no AMF and no armor. I don't really think this would help that much.

I vote it hits the minion with the lowest/highest HP of the group first, and continues like that. ^.^

QBRanger August 19 2006 4:48 PM EDT

As Jon himself said--Welcome to Tank Blender.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 19 2006 4:49 PM EDT

It's actually overwhelmingly effective support item blender if you read between the lines

BootyGod August 19 2006 4:52 PM EDT

lol novice has a point.

AdminNightStrike August 20 2006 3:42 AM EDT

MM level 1,000,000 has an effect of about 464,200. Reducing that by the Mage Shield by 35% makes it 301730. Reducing it by the TSA by 40% for round one makes it have a maximum effect of 181,038.

How do you get 75k?

Negator August 20 2006 5:03 AM EDT

I must be having another brainless day - I thought AoI did not affect spells, only physical attacks? At least, that's what the Wiki says, and I recall a discussion to that effect on the forums, too...

bartjan August 20 2006 5:13 AM EDT

From supporter page: "You will receive An Amulet of Invisibility -- not available in stores. This amulet reduces its owner's chance of being hit by a physical weapon. It is similar to evasion or Displacement Boots (and does stack with those effects), but invisible minions will also be the last to be targetted, no matter the fight order."

MM is not physical.

QBOddBird August 20 2006 10:04 AM EDT

You are right, my calculations were off, Nightstrike - and I was under the impression that a 1 mil MM did closer to 300kish damage.

Still doesn't do near the damage that an Exp investment that large should be putting out, though.

QBOddBird August 20 2006 10:09 AM EDT

In fact, I'm still pretty sure that it would do 300kish damage, as my MM with an effect of about 220k barely approaches 150k damage per shot.
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