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ThatOneMan August 20 2006 4:41 PM EDT

well i just got the game and i been playing maybe 4-5 hours and i need lockpicks bad and i cant seem to find any anywhere. i killed people and they never had any. i tried to buy some and they never sold any. so where do i find lockpicks at

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] August 20 2006 5:05 PM EDT

Try playing the game a little bit more, you'll find more then enough lock-picking madness. But if you are that impatient that you have to go on a killing spree, I really wonder WHY you bought a RPG. Patience young grasshopper.

ThatOneMan August 20 2006 5:18 PM EDT

Well, the only 3 active quests i have right now all involve me needing lockpicks lol. i just cant seem to find any anywhere or anyone that sells them lol. o well

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 20 2006 5:20 PM EDT

this maybe a spoiler but try googling for grey fox in relation with oblivion.

AdminShade August 20 2006 7:09 PM EDT

eve thought about becoming a member of the thieves guild?

Also, goblins have them often.

AdminShade August 20 2006 7:10 PM EDT

and indeed, grey fox = too much of a spoiler.

ThatOneMan August 20 2006 7:53 PM EDT

1. Where do i find goblins at?
2. Umm i tried to get into the thiefs guild but when i was doing the quest May the best thief win or watever i got to the dudes house where i get the book/or watever it is but then i didnt have a lockpck (go figure) so then i waited there till morning so the door would be unlocked but by that time the other person had it. So i went to there house to try to steal it back but it was in a chest that i need a lockpick for (go figure again) so then she turned it into the guy. So i dont kno if there is still a way for me to get into the thiefs guild.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] August 20 2006 7:58 PM EDT


I always wondered what happened if you LOST the thieves quest. Looks like you are out of luck man, maybe you should reconsider your career as a theif. You know mages have a quite awesome ability to simply cast "open locks"? If you use that magic alot, you'll eventually be able to open practically anything by casting a spell.

AdminShade August 21 2006 5:00 AM EDT

1: caves
2: there still is a way to get in the Thieves Guild:

If you still failed to get the book to Christophe, you are given a chance to redeem yourself (and thus join the guild). Christophe asks you to get Rohssan's sword. Rohssan is the merchant in charge of A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City Market District. If you hit the shop at night, only two locks (on the front door and the chest containing the sword) and a guard dog keep you from getting into the guild. Retrieve the sword, return to Christophe, and you'll become a full member of the guild.

Alternatively you will want to cheat this one because it is bugged somehow possibly:

On the PC version there is a bug in this quest. Methredhel gets to the diary almost immediately, and although the map indicates that the book is in her chest in her house, it does not appear in the chest when it is opened. It is not possible to pickpocket Methredhel for it since she is not carrying it. Even after 30 days Methredhel never takes the diary to Armand, and the secondary method of entering the Guild is never triggered. It is therefore impossible to join the Thieves Guild should this bug happen. (It doesn't happen in every game)

Use the cheat player.additem 000355ED 1 to get the diary and give it to Aramand to complete the quest and join the guild.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 21 2006 8:05 AM EDT

nah these aren't spoilers.
The whole RPG thing is that you need to figur things out for your own.
And goblins are indeed good for lock picks.

monkeh August 21 2006 9:10 AM EDT

best thing to do if you're having problems with lockpicking is...

Travel to Leyawiin East Gate
Look on the map and follow the road that runs out from the East side then heads North
Looking on the map again, head for the part of the map that is directly underneath the Y of "COUNTY LEYAWIIN"
You will find a Daedra Shrine with a quest for the Eye of Nocturnal
Complete this quest and you get a Skeleton Key that gives you +40 on your Secuirty skill and also means that your lockpicks NEVER BREAK

seriously good quest :P

ThatOneMan August 22 2006 4:40 PM EDT

i have to be lvl 10 to do that. im only lvl 4 right now :(
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