Why CB is better than Runescape (in General)

AdminNightStrike August 20 2006 10:16 PM EDT

So I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about regarding Runescape. I had tried it once a long time ago, and it ran like molasses, so I gave up instantly. I decided to try again today to see what it was like after reading that an account was forsale in FS/WTB.

After just recently being deceived, robbed, and killed by a certain Jayden Chau, I can now articulate why I still play this game despite my persistent negative pontifications regarding the community, the administration, and other aspects of Carnage Blender. That is, in all the time I've spent here, nobody, not even the people who have stolen piles of cash from me, not one person ever gave out intentionally harmful gaming strategy advice.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to discussing strategy in Carnage Blender, all personal issues do not apply to the discussion. I remember a time when there was a rather heated argument between myself and Shade. However, in one thread, we were exchanging angry sentiments, while in another, posting at the exact same time, Shade was explaining how certain facets of the specfic stats worked. In what other online community do you find that all personal barriers drop when it comes down to "talking shop"? Nowhere! You don't find that anywhere, online OR offline. And Shade is not the only one to do this. Everyone does it, even the silver-tongued (tic) mrwuss will drop a snide comment followed immediately by sound advice in the same thread (or sometimes in the same post). I've seen this from everyone who ever posted in some sort of more testoseron-induced setting, and I have to say... that is the reason why I still come back here and play this game despite a lot of annoying nonsense that transpires.

...And that's why CB is better than Runescape.

Oh, and if anyone here still plays Runescape, find this Jayden Chau and enact supreme punishment. I'll kick a few CB dollars your way, to be sure. One of the things I had on me was some orange anti-dragon tower shield thingie that another player gave me for free. I hear it's somewhat valuable for a level 1 char such as what I was.

QBOddBird August 20 2006 10:24 PM EDT

No worries, you can ask an NPC for that shield and he gives it to you for free. Gives you as many as you want, even. You lost nothing valuable.

And insomuch as the gameplay itself, yes, Runescape is entertaining, but the community as a whole has caused me to leave the game multiple times.

AdminNightStrike August 20 2006 10:26 PM EDT

As of now, I don't really intend to go back. The game tries way too hard to be a multiplayer Elder Scrolls and fails miserably at it. I'd rather play Morrowind (or Oblivion when I get it).

[P]Mitt August 21 2006 11:46 AM EDT

"I decided to try again today to see what it was like after reading that an account was forsale in FS/WTB."

Yes. That's mine. And I'm mostly quitting because of the graphics, the idiotic 6-year old community and once your'e high level, it is way too hard.

But yeah, I admit that the gameplay of Runescape is entertaining. But you can't compete with the community here :)

QBPixel Sage August 21 2006 1:14 PM EDT

Another reason why CB is better than Runescape: ABA is on Runescape.

AdminNightStrike August 21 2006 10:03 PM EDT

At first, I thought you meant this when you referred to ABA =)

BootyGod August 22 2006 7:00 PM EDT

As a level 100 player of RS I can talk about this.

I still wish I could mix the CB2 environment and the RS play. lol sounds completely retarded as the two would never mesh, but RS is just fun, but with a HORRIBLE community while CB2 is just fun and has a great community. So it's really just a which is greater thing? 1 (RS) or 2 (CB)? lol 2!!!

AdminNightStrike August 23 2006 5:19 AM EDT

Maybe I missed it, but I didn't find much gameplay in RS. I don't find it fun to build thirty fires in a row and pick up respawning logs to make more fires in a lather-rinse-repeat cycle for an hour or so enjoyable. This is why all of those trash non-weapon proficiencies were taken out of AD&D 2e and replaced with generic Profession or Craft skills in D&D 3e -- nobody cares how well you can make a fire, and it's stupid to have to be a super-genius at firemaking to ignite yews and willows instead of oak trees. The other skill trees are the same: dumb. All of the repetitive tasking in CB is geared towards analytical thinking, "try-fail-adjust" models, and *strategy*. What kind of nonsensical strategy is there in RS?

Runescape is boring. You spend way too much time doing nothing (ie, traveling from one spot to another) or being stupid (ie, building 30 consecutive fires to boost your fire-building skill. Character building is out because the community blows. What's left?

In CB2, I find myself constantly studying fight logs and tweaking my character to move up one more rung. That's fun. That requires intelligence. That makes this game worthwhile.

Flamey August 23 2006 5:27 AM EDT

RS: you hate it or you like it.

love is too strong of a word :D

AdminShade August 23 2006 11:27 AM EDT


BootyGod August 23 2006 5:34 PM EDT

/me loves RS for the few friends he has made and the times when he "pwned U n00bs"!

Lol just kidding. But the game is worth it if you find people you like. Like this game and all others. Just takes a LONG time with that game lol.

Thrasher August 28 2006 1:44 PM EDT

meh.. just got scammed on there for the 1st time lol

QBOddBird August 28 2006 6:45 PM EDT

"Lol just kidding."

No you weren't, G-wolf, and I know it.

BootyGod August 30 2006 10:33 AM EDT

I hate leet speak. Sneriously. Toodles.

[CB1]-Kratos(X.x) September 2 2006 3:07 AM EDT

are you still offering a bounty for Jayden_Chau's head?...i can bring it back, you know ^_^

AdminNightStrike September 2 2006 3:10 AM EDT

Sure. He had some buddies with him whose names I missed. I'd like the hit to include the entire entourage. What can you do to him?
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