Too many Beamers and Angels (in General)

Morthak August 28 2006 9:34 PM EDT


Just my opinion here, but this thing with BMWheatley & Angel_of_Death exploiting the fact that the chatblender font displays uppercase "I" the same as lowercase "l" is really old from my perspective. I like to know who I'm talking to, and who is talking to be, and it isn't clear with the current situation.

Having said that, I think that 1) their names should be changed back and 2) something should be done, either from a software perspective or a policy perspective, to stop this from happening again, intentionally or not.


BMWheatley August 28 2006 9:36 PM EDT

Party pooper... : P

Unfortunately, I have to side with you. I can see how this can be really annoying, even though Odd and I are having oogles of fun. : P

BadFish August 28 2006 9:38 PM EDT

I think it was pretty funny. I still think it's funny. It's slightly old, yes, and I would rather know it's Oddbird in the room right away, but if they think they can milk it for some more humor, more power to them. I'm MUCH more tired of people putting "Beee" in their names.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 28 2006 9:41 PM EDT

the solution to this, is to change your name to Oddbird...

Xenko August 28 2006 9:42 PM EDT

It's when we get a 2nd GentIeman Loser that the fun will really start!

Or a 2nd PixeI Sage collecting loan payments.

Think of all the fun that could be had... Too bad Jonathan doesn't have an i or an l in his name. Otherwise a lot of fun could ensue.

QBOddBird August 28 2006 9:52 PM EDT

I actually decided some time ago to change it back, but the admin is sticking with the 30 day policy, which I can respect. Besides, I'm still having fun. I completely understand how that can be bothersome, though.

I finally see August 28 2006 10:31 PM EDT

What? Shut up.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] August 28 2006 11:16 PM EDT

Strange thing is, first post of BMW's in this thread HAS the lowercase l. Does that mean that an admin did change it, then changed their minds, or what?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 28 2006 11:23 PM EDT

no, that's just actually BMW...

AdminShade August 30 2006 1:46 AM EDT

Indeed that WAS the original beemer...

Flamey August 30 2006 1:52 AM EDT

well admins and creators get special treatment.

someone got banned for impersonating GB, but Odd Bird can't get banned, because its defenseless BMW :P

morth, who cares, i hardly ever see BMW and Odd Bird in the same room, its funny.

spell-check doesn't recognize 'OB' or 'BMW'

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] August 30 2006 2:46 AM EDT

change them all back, its so annoying to see ppl ruin your name that much

AdminShade August 30 2006 2:55 AM EDT

Flamey, we don't get a special treatment but that player was also a multi AND was impersonating in a way that it was just too much.

The other 'imposters' now just share the name, not the attitude of being annoying. (any more than they used to)

AdminNightStrike August 30 2006 9:53 AM EDT

Creativity should alwyas be rewarded, encouraged, and cultivated.

AdminShade August 30 2006 11:15 AM EDT

though misuse might lead to another H bomb?

BootyGod August 30 2006 11:18 AM EDT

OMG! you mean you people don't like having your name messed around? What is it not funny when its the other way around? Dramallama remember? haha very funny?

Get over it lol. After 30 days it ends. Rofl but the memories never will

/me trots off laughing manically and plotting
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