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Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] September 1 2006 4:46 AM EDT

After talking about it in chat a little, I thought this would be a good idea! Just list, and describe, all of your past and present favorite pets!

My favorite pets:
Paula and Sadie are my parent's cats, both are badly overweight. Paula is orange, Sadie's calico and very grouchy and shy.

My dog is Belle, and she's the sweetest 14 year old puppy you'll ever meet. Poor girl lost her hearing a year or two ago, and I hardly ever see her since college. She's mid-sized, white, and has golden spots. Sweetest dog ever.

And my parents have lots of other cats. Pedro, Napoleon, Kittum, and many many more interestingly named ones (courtesy my little sisters sense of humor).

That's all for me! Let's share a little about ourselves!

Jury September 1 2006 4:49 AM EDT

this is an adjustment to Vaynard's post he was meant to say i am cool..... any who My dog's name is jasper and i lover her and proud of her because she killed a snake for me enough said...and no this isn't the boasting contest

Jury September 1 2006 4:50 AM EDT

this is an adjustment of the one i just sent...beer and computers doesnt mix the best with Jury

IndependenZ September 1 2006 4:58 AM EDT

Our cat is named Luna! She's slightly overweight and always wants to know exactly what's happening inside our house. Whatever happens, she has got to be the first to know it.. and be afraid of it as well 8-) Big moving objects, strange people, things that are wet or sticky, our Luna is afraid of it all! She can open doors by the way, and when she's scared she will open them all on her path to safety :p

[CB1]-Kratos(X.x) September 1 2006 5:17 AM EDT

This may be a while...The three *'s indicate those we still have now :

Cats : ***Orange tabby weighs thirty pounds named Rum-Tum-Tugger

***Orange tabby wighs 7 pounds and is a kitten named Sebastion

Gray tabby named Smokey (Had him when i was young, was involved in a fatal "footstep" accident)

***Tuxedo cat named twister who is my oldest cat to date...we found him in wildwood 5 years ago as a full grown cat and he snuck into our car's trunk and we accidentally cat-napped him

A second Tuxedo named Ishizu (My cat ^_^) Was just a kitten when my little sister threw him against the wall, breaking a leg. He is all healed up now, though ^_^

Calico named Sadie....Strangely enough, Vaynard may have the same cat...but i doubt it, we gave our cat to a farmer down the road who has like 100 cats ^_^

***A second Gray tabby named Romulace. He is 2 years old.

***A white kitten named Bobsled because of his uncanny resemblace to snow. ( we lost him once to find him five minutes later about a foot away in the snow when he opened his bright blue eyes lol, he took a cat-nap in the snow) He is 5 months old.

***A white female cat named Kitty Litter whom is the most "normal" of the bunch

***A black cat named Hershey, a very shy cat that hates company

A second black cat named Snickers who ran away from the house and now belongs to the nieghbors

My old gray tabby that passed away, Ash

okay...that's it for cats....

Dogs : My first dog was a kieshound named Nurple. I Don't Know why...don't ask me

My second dog was a rottie named "Good Boy..."
or at least, that's what i always called him ^_^

My third dog was a hot dog named Bailey

My fourth dog was a Boxer named Fark. A female, at that.

My fifth dog was a german shepherd named Shadow, as he was, and still is, all black. My nieghbors adopted him ^_^

My sixth dog just left us...Allergy, Al for short, was 16 years of age, and as a german shepherd, anyone that knows dogs knows that is a long life for such a dog.

Reptiles : ***An Iguana about 3 feet long, i haven't the slightest about how old it is, and its name is Slayer

A snake named Hascal, specifically a boa constrictor, that we gave away because we didn't like to watch it eat rats...rather, my family didn't, i had a morbid curiousity about that :\

A Python that we never really named. We found it as a baby, literally half the size of a pencil in my grandmother's basement and kept it alive until it was well over 4 feet long, then set it free in the woods, only to have it return to us three weeks later with a few more pounds added...:\

A Turtle, a box turtle at that, that i found at the pond behind our house. lol, i think :\

***And lastly, my Mali Uromastyx named Shadow, after shadow the hedgehog. I bought him with the money i got from allowance...took a little bit too, i had to pay $400 for him :(

Birds : A cockateal that belonged to my Aunt Karin, but lived in our house. She flew away after we owned her for about 7 months.

A cockateil that also flew away. We named him Pinch...for obvious reasons lol

Fish : We have several fish, and i will list the species of those not belonging to me: a betta, a sucker, three goldfish, a few tropical fish are in my younger sister's tank. (It's a 120 gallon tank X.x)

And i get two siamese fighting fish that die of Ich...:(( (Rest in peace, Ishizu-the blue one, and Isaizu-The red one)

Amphibians :
We had three tree frogs in a large aquarium for about a year, before we found them dead from lack of feeding (my younger brother's chore :\)

***two Geckos named Speedy and Gonzales. One is green with a red stripe, and the other is green with red spots. I forget which one is officially which :)

***A salamander of unknown species, which is about 7 inches long. I call him Blaze, and he's my favorite pet i have right now ^_^.

That gives us 12 animals in the house, which is right, and i don't wanna count the total number ^_^

AdminShade September 1 2006 5:37 AM EDT

giving dogs or cats names longer than 1 syllable is useless, they can't understand them and will only respond to the first syllable you use. :)

but we have 2 water tortoises names Anne and Bart here.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 1 2006 6:28 AM EDT

Currently own a Staffordshire Terrier/Whippet cross breed in our house and lets just say she is a handful :).
Her name is Tessa (We just call her Tess for Shades reason of 1 syllable) and she is about 2 years old so still in her puppy stages.
She is very loveable and loving although she does have her downsides. It is amusing when she acts like any creature other than a dog such as lying across the back of the sofa or on top of our outhouse and using her paws like hands when playing with toys.
Her downside being the instinct of attacking smallish animals such as cats and rabbits coupled with her Houdini act of struggling out of collars and harnesses. Also being a rescue from a Dog's Home when the family playfight at home she drags our hands from each other using her jaws although her tail stays up and wagging so we don't need to worry too much :).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 1 2006 7:49 AM EDT

Two cats we rescued as adults. Not as much want for adults cats as there is for kittens.

Tiddles, the eldest of the brothers, a fat white long hair cat (sheds everywhere) with some black patterning

Sammy, a pure black cat (with a little grey now!) whoes lovable, but quite stupid. ;)

I also have a Tortiose that my Grandad bought for me when I was born, called Tortie! ;)

matteo48 September 1 2006 9:00 AM EDT

One putty cat called Nugget 'Tiger' Green

Cool cat which is very funny when he is dribbles and runs after pens after a bit of Catnip

QBBarzooMonkey September 1 2006 10:15 AM EDT

There are 4 dogs in my life. Only 1 is actually my pet, but I spend so much time with the other 3, that I count them as mine, too...

Boopadoo is my sister-in-law's 4 year old Pomapoo. His real name is Corky Joseph, but when he bops into a room and prances around because he's just soooooo happy to see you, it's so adorable that you can't help but say "look at you, you little Boopadoo!". The name stuck. He's a little "kissy-boy" - he just loves to kiss "his people". And he does this thing where he hops around on his hind legs and bats at the other dogs with his front paws, like he's some kind of "Kung-Fu" master... He'll answer to "corky", "boops", "boopadoo", and if he hears "corky joseph!", it's quite obvious that he knows he's been bad.

Seamus Jon is my sister-in-law's life-partner's 12 year-old Pomeranian. He's a feisty little old guy. I call him "Brother Seamus". I always ask his permission to scratch his head. He reminds me of Yoda, because most of the time, he waddles along very slowly, showing his age. But when it's dinner time, he will run around the entire room at top speed in circles and figure-eights, yapping like a puppy until you put his dish down...

Jack is my mother-in-law's mutant-huge black Cocker Spaniel. When her older dog, Fred (he was 15), died in the Fall a few years ago, she swore off getting another dog. By Spring she had changed her mind, but wanted a much smaller one (Fred was a German Sheperd-based mutt - a big dog). The breeder told her that Jack was the runt of the litter, and wouldn't get much bigger than 15-20 lbs. - at 2 1/2 years old, Jack is now 40 lbs, and has these huge paws that are nearly the size of my hands (and I have big hands). After he was a year old, I had said something like "Yeah, he was the runt of the litter, if it was a litter of black bears!" The name "Jack The Bear" stuck. He is very cagey - he plays the part of "lumbering oaf", but when he thinks no one is looking, I've seen him open bags, cereal boxes, and garbage can lids without single tear, and leaving no evidence that he was the culprit...

Princess Regan WonderDog-FluffyTail is the dog that lives at my house. I can't call her "my dog", because she basically owns me. She is the Alpha-B of the group, is half Basenji, half Cockapoo, and also a mutant. She is mutant smart. Scary smart. She has a very elaborate vocabulary. And tough. She takes no guff from all of those 3 boys - she is definitely the boss when they are all together. But she's a sweetie, too. She answer to both "Regan" and "Sweetie". And man, can she catch a ball or frisbee. And she opens bottles with plastic screw-tops for me. I should take her on Letterman...


QBsutekh137 September 1 2006 10:24 AM EDT

Shade, I have to disagree... My cat, Lola, knows her name well, something I was ALWAYS skeptical of until I "tested" it.

Lola gets agitated when her name is said. She feels she has to stand up and curve and mewl. Actually, Lola just gets agitated, all the time. That's why I have to beat her. I am mostly joking.

So, I once stood far away while she was ensconced in window blinds looking out upon the glorious outside. I whispered "Lola". She instantly arose. This showed she could hear me and knew I was speaking her name from across two rooms.

Stage 2: Instead of the very distinctive "Lo-la", I tried "Sha-Sha", "Na-Na", and "Ka-Ka". No response, she kept staring out the window. I then said "Lola" and she instantly rose and looked at me with the smoldering hatred that only she can muster.

Stage 3: I tried "La-La". She didn't move. "Lola", up she comes.

Now, I suppose I could try "Lo-Lo", and she would probably rise. But I don't think that is because of the first syllable issue: Lolo is just way too close to Lola (I don't expect a cat to know one vowel difference).

Now, if her full name were "Lolafallana", she would probably still get up at "Lola" simply because she wouldn't wait for me to finish the name. But I think animals can handle at least two syllables. "Roll Over" is a common command for dogs, though perhaps "roll" would work on it's own. The "over" might just be for humans to feel powerful. *smile*

AdminG Beee September 1 2006 10:33 AM EDT

He's a bit older now but here's a picture of Basil our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel during a rainy car journey in Scotland. He's as daft as a dog can be, but then again what do you expect from an animal that was named by the CB1 community in a poll.

AdminShade September 1 2006 11:00 AM EDT

sutekh, try loba or lona, most likely she will respond to it. its just the sound she gets used to. :)

QBJohnnywas September 1 2006 11:05 AM EDT

Cats know their names. If they don't respond when you call them by anything else it is because you are daring to call them by anything else. My mum's cat is called Pimlico George and he answers to both with a disdainful yowl. But if you call him by his full name he prances along proudly.

Remember we are cats' pets. Not the other way around.

BootyGod September 1 2006 11:06 AM EDT

Hmmm I thought we were their servants... weird...

AdminShade September 1 2006 11:07 AM EDT

servants or pets, doesn't matter much but it is true, if cats don't want to respond, they don't :)

QBJohnnywas September 1 2006 11:08 AM EDT

Aha, it's our pet Godwolf! Fetch! ;)

QBsutekh137 September 1 2006 12:06 PM EDT

Shade, I have tried "Lo-xa" where "x" is a non-L character...she doesn't budge. *smile*

AdminShade September 1 2006 12:22 PM EDT

Hmmm, then cats are even a bit smarter than I thought they were.

QBBarzooMonkey September 1 2006 12:55 PM EDT

To further dispute the one syllable theory, and support Sut's theory that some cats and dogs are
much smarter than most think is possible, my example will be the simple word "go":

"Go get buddy ball" will send Regan off to look for, and return with, her glow-in-the-dark play ball.
There is also "squeaky ball", "squishy ball", "basketball", and "bouncy ball", and she can and does
distinguish between them all. As well as "pink bunny", "bear-dog", "hai-ya", "squeaky bone", and
half a dozen other toys that we've given distinct names...

"Go get your dingo bone and come chew by Daddy" will prompt her to do just that - find her
newest partially chewed rawhide and lie at my side, happily chomping away.

"Go get your hook-up" will prompt her to get her leash from its place on a shelf by the door, and
excitedly bring it to me.

"Go ask the Momma to hook you up" will prompt her to retrieve the same leash, but bring it to, and sit calmly
at, my wife's feet. And if it isn't on the shelf where it belongs, she will always hunt it down...

Don't get me started about how she tells "the snowman" to tell me to let her outside, or how she can tell time and count...


AdminG Beee September 1 2006 1:07 PM EDT

Does "Go get me a beer" work?

If it does can I insta my dog with your one please!

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] September 1 2006 2:01 PM EDT

All right I'll have a go cats(of course)name is blue or cat. Ok cat ,is a little free with the claws when you pet him and far to mouthy at times. But generally good for lapping up the odd petting or scratch.

The Death Company [...] September 1 2006 2:13 PM EDT

got one dog and hes the miserablist dog in the world with everyone except me :)

if your in another room and move he goes under the table and starts growling XD .... but i love him to bits

Hes a jack russel (we got him from a shelter) and his name is Jack (he was named that when we got him)

At the farm weve got a collie named mack and my sis has a stupid cocker spanial puppy called max who i seem to look after loads

dogs > cats as they seem to scratch me when happy or upset :(
(got a load of sheep and cows but apart from the half sheep (growth problem but he is ace(name depends on what sort of mood people are in around him ) i wouldnt call them pets lol)

QBsutekh137 September 1 2006 2:15 PM EDT

Dang, that's a smart dog... An ex-girlfriend had a very smart terrier. I can't remember the name of the stuffed doll he would go get, but I thought that was just because it was the only thing we would send him to find. We should have made him distinguish between items. *smile*

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 1 2006 2:20 PM EDT

I've got a slim trim 7 animals in my house, and frighteningly enough, I think I own the greatest portion of them.

(in order of arrival)

Violet Scarlett BadKitten (Vile Scar for short, or just Vile)
I was working at a local Franciscan retreat center that had a troop
of cats that people had left there thinking they'd be cared for (the mountain lions were the only ones "caring" for them), I met Violet my first day on the job I think. I lifted the lid on my very first dumpster run when a black streak with a silver band towards the front whizzed by my face, striking me dead from terror.

Upon resurrection, I went over to examine what it was that had errupted so forcefully from the trash. I found a kitten so black she was purple, with an almost used up duct tape roll around her neck.
After a momentary busting of infinte rage at the idea someone had done this on purpose, I figured out that the cats here always found food in cans, and a duct tape roll was close enough to try when you were the bottom cat on the rung. I freed her from her self inflicted fashion faux pau and off she went. I saw her often in the next few weeks, it even got to the point where she would come to me from across the grounds with nothing more than my gecko click (the gecko noise even works on cats who've never seen one), she was far too domesticated to hunt for gophers, and quickly became listless and spent a whole day in one spot. I badgered the father to let me take the cat, he relented and let me take her. I don't remember the ride home, but that is more likely due to the dramatic entrance she made to my home. I brought her in, and she disappeared in a 5x15 area with little furniture and no where to hide. I was flummoxed for a good frantic 30 minutes before I actually lifted the green pleather rocker we affectionally refer to as the chicken fighting chair and found her wedged amoung the old yellow foam and wire frame work, covered in what looked all the world like smashed Violet Crumble candy bars...

Butters (Fuser)
She arrived at scary point for my family, but with her came a lot of hope. She wasn't more than a week old when I met her, and I don't know if she opened her eyes at me for the first time, or just awoke from her hungry sleep to find herself looking at a much different mother than she expected. She was fed that night on butter, butter milk and any other fat I could find. The next morning I began making what would be an infinite number of batches of kitten formula. She ate nipples, or rather she would have if I hadn't fought her tooth and nail for them. She was also smart enough to drink her warm formula from a dish, which saved my sanity and fingers. She grew up well and is just over a year old now. She learned how to actually be a cat from The Bearded Dragon, a master killer of a cat, and the most lovely tortise shell calico you've ever seen (one of her paws looks like the sun), and Butters now spends her days slaughtering crickets and moths...

Maggie (Magnet, Magus, Magnus, Magnum, Magget)
Maggie is a 10-15 year old Cockatoo, she is either a Hybrid (everyone else's opinion) or a LSC Caucautua Sulphuria Sulphuria (yellow on yellow) from indonesia. She is a feather plucker, and in my time with her (coming on 3 months I think) she has shown at least
some improvment in how she's doing. We are aiming to have her flying by this time next year. BTW Never EVER EVER get a cockatoo, not unless you've got the resources to care for an animal that one day may very well become nearly as needed as a special needs child. These birds are ill suited for captivity, and extremely sensitive to our horribly polluted homes. www.mytoos.com has a huge pile of information about these birds, and the trouble they are in because of us. Maggie likes tearing apart childrens blocks, sitting in our lemon tree, and flirting with boys.

QBBarzooMonkey September 1 2006 2:38 PM EDT

G, I don't think I could teach her to open a fridge, but she has figured out how to get the tops off of storage bins, garbage cans and coolers, and I bet I could get her to learn "beer"...

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