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ThatOneMan September 1 2006 12:07 PM EDT

Ok this strat is been working pretty well. The only real problem i have seen so far is with Triple H. He doesnt seem to be doing anything or have an affect on the outcome. Its like hes just there. I would like some opinions on what to do with Triple H that will have him contribute more and have a affect on battle.

here is my current strat.

DegenerationX PR / MPR: 160,496 / 117,583 Max tattoo: 138,370 Battle Allocation: 113 Cash: $6,804

Your Minions
Break It Down EXP: 10 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Decay: 1,000 (1) Antimagic Field: 48,545 (?) Ablative Shield: 55,096 (27,558)

Triple H EXP: 11,821 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Magic missile: 17,207 (5,895) Guardian Angel: 17,188 (?)

Shawn Michaels EXP: 4 HP: 29,285/29,285 ST: 20 DX: 19/20 AC: 65
Magic missile: 81,792/74,357 (31,981)

A Mithril Chain Mail [28] (+11)
A Cloak of the Istari [6] (+10)
A Pair of Leather Boots [4] (+4)
A Pair of Leather Gloves [1] (+4)
A Cabasset [3] (+4)

2 Words For Ya EXP: 5 HP: 45,841/45,841 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Phantom Link: 18,490 (33,282)

A Steel Familiar lvl 331,420

Ok so i would like some opionions on wat to do with Triple H as i already stated. He has about 300k untrainable xp.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 1 2006 12:37 PM EDT

that's a wee little MM, and a rather large GA for your AS.

UncleKracker September 1 2006 12:43 PM EDT

First off, his MM is way too small to do any real damage. Second, GA doesn't work with PL.

I'd suggest making him an enchanter.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 1 2006 12:45 PM EDT

drop GA for MM and see where that gets you...

QBRanger September 1 2006 12:46 PM EDT

Right now I see 2 problems with your 4 minion strat.

First, Break it Down is casting both AMF and AS. Both of these spells need to be as high as possible. So your putting 1/8th your total xp into each which is far from enough

Second, Triple H is spending xp on both MM and GA. But you have a DD spell without any HP on that minion aside from that your getting from your AS. So vs DM teams that minion will die pretty quick. Also, your splitting xp on a mage which is never a good thing unless it is DD and HP.

My recommendations:

First, On Break It Down-Unlearn AMF and max your AS.

Second, On Triple H-Unlearn MM, and learn AMF. Try to learn AMF to GA at about a 2 to 1 ratio.

Third, play around with using AOI's and with your minion order. Spend a 100 or so BA testing different minion orders to find the best for you, also play around with putting the SF on different minions aside from the MM one or the PL minion. I would put a MgS and a TSA on the PL minion if your planning on keeping him in back. But these are things to test out and rentals are great for doing that before you buy stuff.

ThatOneMan September 1 2006 2:06 PM EDT

UncleKracker: what do u mean by "GA doesn't work with PL"?
i have noticed problems with GA when i was looking at my play by play but i didnt kno y it wasnt working. Like sometimes it would work only once in a range round and thats it. other times it would only work in melee rounds and sometimes it wouldnt work at all (all times no dispel magic was used) so i don't kno.

ThatOneMan September 1 2006 2:11 PM EDT

ok i was playing around with the order of my minons (without AOI) and this order seemed to work the best. Tell me what you guys think.

Triple H first
2 words for ya second
Shawn Michels third
Steel Familiar forth
Break it down (has steel familiar) fifth

Stephen Young September 1 2006 8:18 PM EDT

Leave DegenerationX alone! I need the clan points I've been earning off of him... ;)

AdminNightStrike September 1 2006 11:26 PM EDT

GA only retaliates against damage that isn't absorbed by a different minion.

ThatOneMan September 2 2006 10:18 AM EDT

should i drop GA and get protection or go all AMF?

UncleKracker September 2 2006 10:37 AM EDT

I remember having PL when I started and GA would never hit the damage being absorbed. Just the damage that didn't get absorbed. I don't remember exactly how it happened, but I know I got rid of PL right away.

ThatOneMan September 2 2006 10:43 AM EDT

hmm....So what do u guys think? should i keep GA and drop PL? if i do that what should i do with 2 words for ya? Or should i drop GA and go all AMF or get protection to go along with AMF

ThatOneMan September 2 2006 1:09 PM EDT

Triple H has 150k xp to use. Should i put it all into AMF and only have AMF or should i spend some of that on protection.

AdminNightStrike September 2 2006 1:13 PM EDT

Are you fighting many mages?
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