I can't believe it! Steve Irwin? (in Off-topic)

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] September 4 2006 1:10 AM EDT

In case you haven't heard. Steve Irwin, the famous crocodile hunter died monday.

Heres the latest article. BRISBANE, Australia - Steve Irwin, the Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed Monday by a stingray barb during a diving expedition, Australian media reported. He was 44.

The accident happened while Irwin was filming an underwater documentary on the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Queensland state, Sydney's The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on its Web site.

The paper and other Australian media reporting the death cited police or state government sources.

Telephone calls to Australia Zoo, Irwin's zoo in southern Queensland, were not immediately answered.

Article taken from Yahoo news.

[CB1]-Kratos(X.x) September 4 2006 1:48 AM EDT

the poor bloke...

Stephen September 4 2006 1:56 AM EDT

Crikey! RIP Crocodile Hunter.

Flamey September 4 2006 3:10 AM EDT

i heard about an hour ago. and they said it was only like 1 hour before that.

2 hours ago, wow!

poor family

TrueDevil [AAA] September 4 2006 3:44 AM EDT

That's pretty shocking.

Silatt September 4 2006 6:26 AM EDT

Yeah, I seen this and was like whoa 0_o. Total mind blow. I also heard that he had left a small daughter in his demise. His wife was supposedly supposed to be in the same line of work as him, personally owning a "crocodile ranch" that offered riding to it's customers.

AdminShade September 4 2006 8:36 AM EDT

They should use a better spelling checker on Yahoo...

"when he swam too close to one of the animals, which have a poisonous bard on their tails,"

bard? barb?

But alas, no more fanatic Steve Irwin anymore...

InebriatedArsonist September 4 2006 8:46 AM EDT

Well, bards usually have a low constitution score, so they'd be especially weak to poisons...wait, what?

As for Irwin, well, his ticket was due to be punched, though I'm surprised his death didn't involve a larger predator.

QBOddBird September 4 2006 10:08 AM EDT

Yeah, but what a freak accident....it is really difficult to get stung by a stingray in the first place, but to have the barb shoot up into your heart while swimming over one? That's just ridiculous.

ThatOneMan September 4 2006 10:15 AM EDT

hmm...i thought that he would die by a Crocidile or some other big dangerous animal. but a sting ray? hmm that was a crazy accident. (wonder if he didnt see the sting ray and got to close..he should kno not to get close) i guess there is no more new Crocidile hunter on tv...i liked that show
RIP Steve Irwin

TrueDevil [AAA] September 4 2006 10:16 AM EDT

"As for Irwin, well, his ticket was due to be punched, though I'm surprised his death didn't involve a larger predator. "

I wouldn't really say that, because like Jackie chan, he did lots of dangerous stunts, far more dangerous than just being bitten by large predator, and he still alive. I'd say it's really bad luck.

PirateKing September 4 2006 10:16 AM EDT

Unless he tried to do something stupid... like grab ahold of it. Back in 96 or 97 there was some fritterhead here in Florida got stung in the upper abdomen when he grabbed a stingray to try and "hitch a ride" like he had seen some divers do on television with a manta ray.

{cb1}dyno September 4 2006 11:19 AM EDT

Supposively one of his friends in the same line of work saw the footage of it (they were filming for a kids show he did with his daughter) and what happened was that as he was in the water going over a shallow area of sand, the stingray was hiding in the sand. He boxed it in, which made it feel threatened, and it shot the barb. As crazy and enthusiastic as he was, he was very controlled and precise with how he handled the animals, and it's sad to see this happen, especially to a husband and father.

Mem September 4 2006 9:08 PM EDT

I would have to say that the man was one of the greatest conservationists of our time and, these days, where children learn more from watching television than in school, he was quite possibly the best source of information available. I just feel awful for his children. They're both so young and they'll never get to really know their father past watching his television show. I hope they'll carry on his work though. We need more people that seek to inform the public like he did. Rest in peace, Steve Irwin.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] September 4 2006 9:50 PM EDT

Without a doubt, it is sad news he died. He loved animals, and watching his shows filled just about anyone with wonder and admiration. Everyone I've ever talked to loved the guy. At least they say he died instantly, and was doing what he loved. I suppose if you have to go that would be the way to do it.

Revs September 5 2006 7:32 PM EDT

Heard an interesting fact on Steve Irwin. When he started filming his animal shows in 1994, there was only 1 other animal show on tv. Now there are 128. Amazing pioneer in his field. He'll be missed.

Stephen September 5 2006 7:42 PM EDT

That 'fact' is patent rubbish! David Attenborough for one pre-dated Irwin by some 40 years or so.

Frod September 5 2006 8:58 PM EDT

That 'fact' is patent rubbish!

And Animal Kingdom, Wild America, etc.

What might be true is that, when he started filming in 1994, there was only one other such television show still in active production. If I remember, by the late 1980s, that genre was pretty much dead except for the odd Jacques Cousteau or Marty Stauffer rerun.

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