School Starts :( (in Off-topic)

ThatOneMan September 4 2006 6:01 PM EDT starts tomorrow. its going to be horrible. i hate school. this year is going to be really hard. im in all 11th grade classes cept for my 10th grade CP English. (im in 10th grade)
i cant wait till winte rbreak and then easter break and then summer again. :)

SNK3R September 4 2006 6:02 PM EDT

School rules.

ThatOneMan September 4 2006 6:03 PM EDT school doesnt :)

bartjan September 4 2006 6:20 PM EDT

A school with no rules?


Sir Leon [Soup Ream] September 4 2006 6:59 PM EDT

You think school is horrible. You should put it in perspective to Real life.

I bet you'd reconsider. :-)

SBW September 4 2006 7:02 PM EDT

what math you taking?

BMWheatley September 4 2006 7:07 PM EDT

You're starting just now?! I started like 4 weeks ago... >.>

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] September 4 2006 8:15 PM EDT

Even worse, could have to teach these kids. :P

Stephen Young September 4 2006 8:27 PM EDT

Wow. I finished school 7 years ago.... YIKES!

Thraklight Resonance September 4 2006 9:13 PM EDT

Mushu should have graduated from high school by now. He may be coming to your college this semester.

Genie September 4 2006 9:32 PM EDT

i go to school tomorrow, too. :P

Solomon Grundy September 5 2006 1:16 AM EDT

School is about 1000 times better than having to work 40+ hours a week, so don't be too upset about it.

th00p September 5 2006 2:00 AM EDT

School is good, school is great, why didn't I finish that summer assignment yet... Yikes! School is tomorrow!

Desperado [Chaotic Serenity] September 5 2006 2:25 AM EDT

I feel for ya. I just started college and its a drag. : (

Flamey September 5 2006 2:44 AM EDT

school is alright, but i dont get it, if it's supposed to get harder i dunno how i can deal with it. i come home go on CB for half hour do homework for ages, i dont have time to play any other games or watch TV basically.

maybe if we got less homework :(

AdminShade September 5 2006 8:22 AM EDT

I have just started my last year... hope I can also finish it somehow... >.<

BootyGod September 5 2006 10:14 AM EDT

/me gives everyone some liquid energy and shows his A on AP English and AP Fork

ThatOneMan September 5 2006 3:51 PM EDT

ok well i had my first day of school today. Lets see. I got my math book and my chemistry book. taking Accelerated Algerbra 2/Trigonometry. Well in math i got a 100 question worksheet with no explenation about it cept that its due tomorrow. She said that it was stuff we *should have* learned in Algrebra. Well i had Algerbra 2 years ago and i dont remember anything from it really and i dont remember learning half the stuff on the worksheet either and the best part is were checking it for a grade tomorrow.

ThatOneMan September 5 2006 3:55 PM EDT

o ya it took me about 3 hours to finish also. forgot that part

SBW September 5 2006 9:08 PM EDT

=x Accelerated Algerbra 2/Trigonometry..

took that in 8th grade

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 6 2006 7:09 AM EDT

Starting at University on the 18th, move in next Thursday.

Studying Accounting and Finance and can't wait :D

ThatOneMan September 6 2006 2:41 PM EDT

im taking a acoounting class next year at high skool :)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 7 2006 6:10 AM EDT

High School accounting classes aren't very challenging at all (well not here in the UK) so I'm expecting it to be a lot tougher these next 3 years at Uni.

ThatOneMan September 7 2006 6:34 AM EDT

i bet :)
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