ELB+ base arrow ACTUAL base damage (in General)

BootyGod September 9 2006 4:27 PM EDT

well it always annoyed me that it was difficult to even have an idea of the power of ELB compared to melee weapons. Without that comparison it would be very difficult to guess at damages. But I have done some experimentation and got some interesting results.

Now on the character Top Vote Getter using Sefton Lightfoot the 84x63 Morg did about 5-10k more damage on average. But when I moved it to a 20 ST character (Aketor on Worth the Risk) here are the high and lows

355-507 for ELBow

226-374 for Morg

Now considering the 20 ST... what does this mean the total Base is for the ELB combined with base arrows?

using latest test I am guessing that it is even stronger then the Morg! But using earlier higher ST the Morg came out on top.


Earlier testing was void due to BL!!!

Which means in reality the ELB is FAR higher in base then the Morg. I will do more testing tomorrow... but... wow. Just wanted to let this all sit with you all for a few hours.

SBW September 9 2006 4:32 PM EDT


Miandrital September 9 2006 4:51 PM EDT

Mind posting the stats of your weapons? If the elbow has much more nw in it, of course it will be doing more damage.

BootyGod September 9 2006 4:52 PM EDT

6x63 for ELB

84x63 for Morg


+ are different but it shouldn't matter.

QBOddBird September 9 2006 4:56 PM EDT

This would work much better with base weapons.


SBW September 9 2006 5:18 PM EDT

i dont get the hint...

Flamey September 10 2006 12:56 AM EDT

he means, better to test with an ELB 6x1+0 and a MH 84x1+0.

because the ELB has the cheapest upgrade cost in the game for the "x" and most probably the "+" as well.

so if you were to have what GW had and the same "+" as well, the MH would still have more NW in it, but still have the same damage as the ELB.

AdminShade September 10 2006 7:54 AM EDT

weapon NW is no factor in damage when it is small...

you will only notice it after 1 mil or so I believe.

BootyGod September 11 2006 10:04 AM EDT

Besides, if you want that I can do it. If someone willing to loan me a BASE morg AND a base ELB!

But I don't think it matters much. But if anyone has a BoNE x63 - x30 please loan it to Top Vote Getter. If it is even reasonably close to those numbers I forge it up for more accurate data. Also if it a little above I can make do. Let me know people.
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