Cival Rights? (in Off-topic)

ThatOneMan September 11 2006 3:12 PM EDT

Anyone know what Cival Rights of today would be? i was about to walk out of English then the teacher said we need to bring in a article tomorrow about something of Cival Rights of today. anyone have a clue on wat that means?

chuck1234 September 11 2006 3:14 PM EDT

perhaps your teacher meant "civil rights" or "civic rights", there is a marked difference between the both of them. If there is indeed something called "cival rights" please do enlighten me.

InebriatedArsonist September 11 2006 3:16 PM EDT

I'm guessing your teacher wants to see an article of some type that covers a civil right relevant to current events and political happenings. Considering the date, perhaps you could find something relating to, say, the PATRIOT Act, treatment of irregular combatants, free speech regulations, etc.

ThatOneMan September 11 2006 3:23 PM EDT

she meant civil rights (wonder y spell check didnt catch that one)

Would something that has to do with a Teacher strike work? its been on the news like for a few weeks how the teachers are striking and how the state ordered them to go back and teach. i dont kno.

ill go grab a newspaper and look and see what i find.

AdminShade September 11 2006 3:26 PM EDT

Probably because of this source wikipedia about Cival.

QBsutekh137 September 11 2006 3:27 PM EDT

Check out the web site for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to see what they are working on these days too...

ThatOneMan September 11 2006 5:29 PM EDT

thank you everyone

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] September 11 2006 10:51 PM EDT

The FCC and MPAA are a hotbed this year it would seem.
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