Forging Sling of Death (in General)

BootyGod September 19 2006 10:42 AM EDT

I asking all forgers to use this for whatever they find.

I believe the first number (viciousness) is 90.

That might not be best but better then stuff two higher and two lower so...

If you all can find second number post here. No need to keep it secret. Seriously.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 19 2006 10:43 AM EDT

Sling of David?

Making prophecies about the new Supporter item? ;)

BootyGod September 19 2006 10:44 AM EDT

lol SoD. I can't help these things.

Time to beg, silly admins.

BootyGod September 19 2006 11:18 AM EDT

90, 22

Thats whats working for me. I was told to probably keep this secret but BAH.

Now time to fine tune it peoples!

Bartman September 19 2006 3:58 PM EDT

Here is the complete formulae for the SoD:

x [90, 22]
+ [70, 20]

Formulae posted in Wiki.

Good Luck everyone!

QBOddBird September 19 2006 4:02 PM EDT

BBQ <3 Psywolf.
BBQ <3 Bartman.

You are my heroes. Not officially or anything, just temporary heroes. =)

AdminShade September 19 2006 4:03 PM EDT

are those sweetspot formulae?

BootyGod September 19 2006 4:27 PM EDT

SHade you have to tell me. Ask anyone in chat how happy I was just to find that lol!

BootyGod September 19 2006 4:31 PM EDT

Someone with more time then me may want to experiment the 20 with 21 and see which is better. Not sure.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] September 20 2006 7:44 AM EDT

@ Shade: No, Those are just ball park formulas. I'll determine the sweet spots this weekend, but that formula will stay within Soup Ream. ;-)

AdminShade September 20 2006 11:42 AM EDT

Heh, I'll find the formula myself then. :p

BootyGod September 20 2006 12:43 PM EDT

/me hates when players do stuff for personal gain though understands it is part of the game

AdminNightStrike September 20 2006 9:10 PM EDT

How do you know if it's a sweet spot or not?

SNK3R September 20 2006 9:18 PM EDT

NightStrike: The sweet-spot formula gives a "better" raise in RPM than other formulae.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] September 20 2006 9:39 PM EDT

@ Psywolf: This isn't for "personal gain". It merely allows us, Soup Reamians, to have an edge on other rival forging clans. It's more of a clan gain! :-)

Just another benefit for being apart of Soup Ream, but if you don't like it...

BootyGod September 21 2006 11:20 AM EDT

/me carps Leon

I love me clan =D

and if I got it its not mine to give away then I won't. Still I think the game would be better if all the clans divulged the sweet spot formulas. Please rofl?

/me goes to find a red unicorn to ride to fairy land and have his fantasy come true.

QBOddBird September 21 2006 11:57 AM EDT if I can find a red unicorn, my fantasy will come true?

*winks at GL* Let's go Red Unicorn hunting!
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