Need suggestions/criticisms for this strat.. (in General)

MissingNo September 19 2006 4:32 PM EDT

How does this strat sound? A EEMT. One E has all AS. Another has VA/AMF. The mage has a little HP, MM, and evasion. The tank has HP, ST, DX, and archery?

MissingNo September 19 2006 4:36 PM EDT

Also, EC and DM are options I'm considering.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 19 2006 4:36 PM EDT

it's whacky week...why ask when you can try?!

MissingNo September 19 2006 4:38 PM EDT

I'd like someone to really analyze the strat and tell me the potential weaknesses in it. I'm looking for a strat I can stick to for the long hall, not just one that seems good for right now and will eventually make me regret it later.

QBRanger September 19 2006 4:46 PM EDT

what tattoo?

QBOddBird September 19 2006 4:46 PM EDT

/me shrugs* I'd go TEME, with an AoI on the tank. Keep a guy in back to hold off a few MMs, a guy in front to hold off a few physical attacks, mage in the middle of those two and the tank in back/front.

chuck1234 September 19 2006 4:48 PM EDT

The best way to analyse a strat is to check it in real fights against opponents. Plus, as Novice said, its whacky week, you have nothing to lose, at least until Friday night you need not fear any regrets; go ahead, experiment all you want, you already have a few tips of your own....btw, forget the DM, try a sampling of EC instead.

MissingNo September 19 2006 4:51 PM EDT

I'm using a RoE for a little while until I get around the max tattoo level of my ToA. And as for the EC, where would it go?

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] September 19 2006 4:57 PM EDT

OK here are couple of my thoughts. You only have one physical damage dealer, I personally think that a DM nerfable VA, that benefits one minion is not the way to go. I would switch this, use the innate ability of the Bth or Morg, and go with GA.

That is assuming you use a ToA to bump the tank stats. If you use a ToE or RoS, this changes some. If you use ToE I would build a PL battery, and go with AMF on the first E with no ED or maybe small protection, and go PL/HP stick him in back and drop a MgS/TSA on him to protect from MM.

If you use a RoS, well then I would do both DM and AMF, still forgetting the VA, but dropping the GA as well.

Sticking an AoI on the tank would be real nice, one on each damage dealer even better, if you have to choose, put it on the one without evasion I say, until we see how jon stacks the evasion with DB's (which I assume will also affect AoI the same)

Just a few thoughts :)

MissingNo September 19 2006 5:01 PM EDT

Okay, so what you're basically saying is the strat I have planned is decent except make the VA/AMF E into a GA/AMF E? And where would I throw in EC?

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] September 19 2006 5:08 PM EDT

Well do not put it on your damage dealers if you can avoid it, so drop it on the AS E, I mean, better to lose a few HP from AS than damage from DD spell or Damage from physical. Without a RoS you can not be assured the entire AS will be nerfed anyway, so plan for it to be nerfed completely, then use the extra AS as bonus HP. That is to say, do not train a BUNCH less hp because you plan to pick up a bunch of AS HP regardless.
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