Need some help with coding, see inside: (in Off-topic)

AdminShade September 22 2006 4:30 AM EDT

You all might know that I host

Now what I need help with is that I want a possibility to hide tables within a page, and show them or hide them or show them with just a link.

What would be a (relatively) easy way to accomplish that?

If you can help me, either let me know in here, by chat mail or by email.



PoisoN September 22 2006 7:25 AM EDT

Easiest way: 2 pages, one with a table - one without.
Better way: Ajax/Javascript/DHTML, should be a very easy task.

AdminShade September 22 2006 7:38 AM EDT

2 pages = not an option imo, that is indeed the most easy option but takes up much much more space, and double pages is a hassle.

I know it could be done with javascript most likely, but I'm not (yet) that much of a javascript person ;)

PoisoN September 22 2006 9:25 AM EDT

This tutorial for example shows you how to display something with a mouseover. Not the best example, but it shows you that it is just a tiny piece of work.
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