Free Untraing Poll/ Question (in General)

BootyGod September 22 2006 10:09 AM EDT

Well just because I am curious, how many of you wish for this to become a regular thing?

If yes then when? Once every 4 months (during changemonth) Once every other month. Do the same set up as 1 week whenever large change is introduced...

What you all think?

Personally I all in favor of making this a regular thing during changemonth and hopefully keep it a week long!

Maelstrom September 22 2006 10:13 AM EDT

As much as I'm enjoying the free untraining, I don't think it should happen very often. Definitely no more often than for one week during the quarterly changemonth, and that might be pushing it.

If we get used to it, it won't be special anymore, and then we'll just whine that we lose XP when untraining ;)

QBRanger September 22 2006 10:17 AM EDT

I agree with Mael. Once anyear makes it special. I believe if 9t will ever happen again, a change will have to be as drastic as the one to archery and evasion.

One of the best features of cb is the fact to change something there is a small penalty.

What I would like to see instead is the ability to partially untrain rather than a blanket free untrain day/week.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 22 2006 10:23 AM EDT

I think if we had had this option earlier, they would have been no need for the NCB.

We've had massise changes before this months archery change, and without this option re trianing to adapt was painful and set you back. The NCB helped players with teams like this have another crack at it, as long as they accepted the inherant costs in doing so.

But if (changes just pulled off the top of my head) we had this option at the NW/PR link, the massive increase to physical damage or even CoBF change, some older players would have keept their older charcaters.


As much as I like it, it ruins strategy. You train a massive EC to take down the tanks on your fight list, then untrain it to train a massive AMF to take out all the mages, for example.

We couldn't have it often at all.

I think it should only be introduced at times of great change. And then only for a short while...

BootyGod September 22 2006 10:51 AM EDT

Okay thats what I was thinking too. Just often and long enough to stop player from losing months of effort, but not so long and often as to ruin strategy decisions.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] September 22 2006 1:44 PM EDT

If it does happen again I bet its just for major changes, like bears playing or contact with aliens pets.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] September 22 2006 1:53 PM EDT

i honestly dont want to see it more than once a year...

And to be honest, it cant last longer than one day, (if you people were smart this time around, =) ), because people could just train all minions to walls after they get done fighting, and then retrain when they get back to fighting.

BootyGod September 22 2006 4:10 PM EDT

No because then what about someone sick? The day would have to be announced a good time in advantage and then we would all know when the change was scheduled for!

AdminNightStrike September 23 2006 1:03 AM EDT


Flamey September 23 2006 1:06 AM EDT

It* "i" is close to "9" its a typo :P
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