The Battle of Alatar: Chapter 12 (in Off-topic)

{CB1}Lukeyman September 23 2006 7:35 PM EDT

**The 12th installment of my story. I am going to finish it soon. =D Hope you like the chapter."

Chapter 12
Red and Pixel started out on their quest to find allies and defeat Jonathans army. Pixel knew of some people who may be able to help them, it just might take a little persuading he said.
"First", said Pixel, "We should go to Mem, and his Memonites."
"What? Never!"
"I know how they can be, they are barbarous and mad, but Jonathan is taking Mem's land as much as he is our land. If we can get Mem to join our cause, it will add a formitable force to our party."
"Well.. I guess it's worth a try."
Our two galant men travelled long and far, through thickets of woods, and through streams and rivers, until, finally, they came upon a tattered tartan of the Memonites.
"Just follow my lead.", whispered Pixel.
"Ok, but if anything seems fishy, i'm lettin' my sword do the rest of the talking."
"Fair enough, but keep it civil in here, and for god's sake man, fix your hair."
They walked into the camp of the Memonites, and were soon met by three battered men.
"What's this 'ere then eh?"
"Well Willy, it's obvious ain't it? It's the princess and her jester!"
"Arr harr harr, that's a good one, haha, yar, a good one mate."
"Please", asked Pixel, "I am more like a Prince, my friend here is a mere Donkey, haha!"
"Haharr, good one princess!"
"What say you two eh? What you be doin in our camp?"
"Well good men, my name is Pixel, this here pal o' mine is Red. We are on a quest, could you please take us to Mem?"
"Aye... Quest you say? hmmm.... hehe, what do you think boys? Is the princess and her donkey good enough to see Mem?"
"I don't know Billy. What do you think Milly?"
"Well Willy, if we's all agree, I think they need a little test before they can go see the great Mem. See they can hold their own in a battle."
"Aye! Find idea Milly, Let's go to the ring, see if these two lads can take us on."
The three men led Red and Pixel over to a patch of dirt, encircled by a few stakes in the ground to mark a crud circle. The three men took up their sheild and swords, and staggered around the ring. Red unseathed his sword and looked around as a group of people began to form around the circle. Pixel withdrew a short sword, and stood beside Red.
"So? You two think you can take on the three of us eh? Here are the terms then. If you... haha.. beat us, we shall take you to Mem. If you lose... well.... you'll be dead."
"Dead?", asked Pixel.
"Hahaharrr!! Yes, you spine blaggard, we fight to the death here. So then.. Are ye ready to die?"
"Let's get this goin.", said Red.
The three men lunged at Pixel and Red who jumped back and took a staggered stance beside each other.
Red shouted over to Pixel, "Stay with me, if we separate, they can take us easily, form a block with your sheild."
Red and Pixel knelt down with Pixel holding his sheild up. The three attackers stopped and looked down at Red and Pixel, hiding behind the sheild, and they started to laugh. Red fell on his back, kicked the sheild up with his foot, as his did, Pixel got up and as the sheild flung up from the kick, he caught it, and whipped it at Milly. It hit him in the throat, and he fell to the ground like a rock, clutching at his throat. Willy and Billy stared down in amazement, and then screamed and shot forward at Pixel, swords flailing. Red jumped up, and swung his sword low, he caught Billy in the ankle, and Billy cried out in pain as blood began pooring out of a gaping wound in his right ankle, Red stumped on his wrist and heard a crack, Billy dropped his sword and his hole body went limp. Willy lunged at Pixel and swung down at his arm. Pixel jumped out of the way, but not fast enough, Willy's sword caught his forearm and sent a gash into it, Pixel cried out, and Red spun around and thrust his sword into Willy's back. Pixel starred blankly as Willy coughed, a sword tip sticking out of his stomach, he breathed a final breath, and fell to the ground, and his eyes glazed over.
Red stood there, catching his breath, and he heard a clapping over the shouts of the men standing around the ring. It got suddenly quiet, and Red turned around, and saw that the clapping was coming from a man standing over in the shadows.
"Well done, well done."
"Who are you?", asked Red, "You want some too?"
"My, my, feisty aren't we? I am Mem, leader of the Memonites. You fight well, who are you?"
"I am Red, son of Blue who was killed by Jonathan."
"I see, and what pleasure do I owe you?"
"We", said Pixel, "Have come to ask a favor of you."
"Come", said Mem, "Into my tent where we can talk in private."
Red and Pixel followed Mem as he led them away from the ring. Red watched as two men stood over the fallen bodies of Milly and Billy, Mem gave them a quick nod, and they swords were thrust into the bodies of the two men laying on the ground. Red turned away and followed the man before him.

{CB1}Lukeyman September 23 2006 7:40 PM EDT

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I before E except after C. duh :-)

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spell "neither", "either", "height"

the list goes on and on that rule sucks :)

QBOddBird September 24 2006 12:52 AM EDT

I still like your story, include more men sitting around campfires enjoying nice barbecue sandwiches.

And have them praise a wonderful leader named BBQ.

And OB is a martyr.

And Oddbird is their hero.

And the Oracle is the wisest man EVER.

I like your stories! Keep writing them, they are very entertaining.

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so where am I?

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] September 24 2006 12:27 PM EDT

One suggestion if you batter people they should be deep fried quickly to avoid loss of batter and build up of mud.
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