help with avi files (in Off-topic)

Unappreciated Misnomer October 1 2006 11:19 AM EDT

my problem with avi files are that i need to resize, at their current size the subtitles are getting chopped, anyone got any tips or directions, ive tried using winavi, and nero 7 but with no luck, thanks in advance


AdminShade October 1 2006 11:32 AM EDT

Adobe Premiere Pro... but that's going to cost a lot of money...

Maelstrom October 1 2006 9:06 PM EDT

Are the subtitles built into the video file, or are they stored in a separate text file? If it's in a separate file, then just try another (better) media player. If not... find a better version of the file?

And some detailed information about the avi encoding you're using might help. There are many different standards used, even though they all have the "avi" extension.

Unappreciated Misnomer October 1 2006 10:37 PM EDT

i managed to get the reg key for winavi, resized it to 89% 4:3 ratio

bartjan October 2 2006 12:47 AM EDT

Please, keep illegal use of software out of CB!
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