Looking for a few (2-5) people who could type up some real info about (in General)

AdminShade October 3 2006 6:18 PM EDT

And all types of minions which you encounter here on CB.

short list (might not be complete, but it's a beginning)

Monk (UC using tank)
Ranger (melee-less tank)

I want some people to contact me (through CM preferably) to type me some articles about these minion types for cbstuff.

I'll be asleep now and wake up in about 10 hours (or sooner)

Miandrital October 3 2006 7:02 PM EDT

Im not entirely sure if you want all the different types of minions but some additions:
Dodgewall (Evasion + HP)
PL Battery (HP + PL)
CoC Strafer (Ranged weapon + CoC mage)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 3 2006 7:05 PM EDT

A new one don't know if anyone uses this but
Splash Tank: Sling of Death, with explosive shot, users in melee.

Flamey October 3 2006 8:24 PM EDT

do you want them all in one article? or separate? do you want a full definition? what armor is recommended? what training method recommended? how it interacts with the other types?

i could probably do this well, but i want to know, if that's what you want :-) before i go ahead wasting an hour typing it up!

AdminShade October 4 2006 5:21 AM EDT

Evasion wall is a sub version of a wall.
PL battery is also a sort of wall.
CoC strafer is a Mage/Tank hybrid but falls under it's own cathegory.

I want them all in separate 'articles' and I'd like those articles to include:

what stats to train
what skills or spells to train (or NOT to train)
which items to use or not to use (not the obvious 'don't use DCM' though)

See it as a sort of guide on the basics and intermediate (perhaps even advanced things) about the minions on their own.

some information will most likely also be already on the wiki but the strategy section of the wiki is horrible imo.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 4 2006 7:00 AM EDT

Something like this Shade (just something I threw together, feel free to use it, or to base an article off! Or re write it completly! :P)


While Decay Archers or CoC Archers (when CoC lost it's first attack in round three of Ranged) have been minion types people have already dabbled with, the recent addition of the Sling of Death and the change to Exploisve Shots (lesser splash damage to all minions bar the target) have bought a new option to the Tank/Mage hybrid niche.

Why does this work?

Different types of attacks have different orders of priority. Minions can only use one type of attack per round, if a single minion has multiple options of weapons or spells to attack with, they will use the attack with the highest priority. Priorities are only checked for the rounds that type of attack can be used in. For example, melee wepaons can not be used during the ranged rounds, so have no Priority during them.

Priority from the highest to the lowest;

DD – Melee weapons/UC – Ranged Weapons

A minion with Fireball trained and using an Elven Long Bow will always attack with their Fireball spell, never having the option to use their ELB.

As CoC and Decay only attack in Melee rounds (like any equipped Melee weapons), they have no Priority of attack during the ranged rounds, allowing any Ranged wepaon equipped to be used. Come the start of Melee combat, their highest Priority takes over, and they cast instead of the minion continuing to attack with any equipped Ranged weapons.

This allows a single Minion to use both a Ranged weapon and a DD spell to attack.

Why Slings and CoC?

Unlike Bows, Slings don’t require a trained skill to use effectively. They also attack in each ranged round, much like Crossbows.

While a bow/crossbow and Decay target single minions, CoC is able to 'spread' it's damage and hit every minion on the opposing team. Explosive Shots used in slings are now the only physical weapon that can 'spread' damage, like CoC.

Using both gives this minion a way to damage all opponsing minions in every round of combat.

Another recent change to ranged and melee mechanics is the loss of the first round of melee combat if a minion is using both ranged and physical weapons. The minion can't attack in the first melee round as it needs to ready its weapons.

DD spells (and UC) don’t suffer this penalty, allowing the SoD/CoC minion to attack continusously, damaging your opponent in every combat round.

Your DD spell is able to cast for 22 rounds out the potential total 25, so should be considered your primary Damage Dealer over your Sling.

The Sling sohuld not be discounted, even if the single target ammuntion is used, if you are able to kill any minions in ranged, this will help your CoC damage, as it has less targets to spread over and can become more concentrated.

Why use both and not just one or the other?

Slings are heavily penalised in the melee rounds of combat. They suffer a massive 80% pentaly to the attackers DEX and PTH.

Using just CoC loses you three rounds your minion could be damaging your opponents.

Using both in combination allows you to ustilse the strengths of both physical and magical damage.

DD spells never miss, giving you an easier option of hitting high DEX/Evasion Tanks. Slings allow you to increase your damage through Networth, allowing you to take advantage of the free wepaon allowance to your PR rating.

What Statistics should be trained?

A Tank/Mage hybrid requires a lot of statistics. HP is necessary, as is STR (for Sling Damage), DEX (to hit with your sling) and CoC.

Skills and enchancements trained on this minion would depend on your overall strategy. PL wouldn’t be needed on a single minion, with Evasion being the skill of choice (with the DEX you require to hit with your Sling, traning Evasion alsongside would make you more durable when facing other Tanks).

Some of the statistic costs can be alleviated by using a Tattoo of Augmentation. This would provide STR and DEX, with some additional PTH to help you land attacks with your sling.

What Items should be used?

As mentioned above, a ToA can be used to help boost the XP costs this set up requires.

If you don’t use a Tattoo, then a Cloak of the Istari would boost your CoC. While Beleg’s Gloves would increase your ranged damage, Alatar’s Gloves will boost your CoC, your main damage dealer, also making your more resistant to AMF.
For the rest of your items slots, consider armour that increases your intrinsic statistics (STR and DEX), as every little will help. A HoE will increase your STR and Elven Boots will increase your DEX.

A Mage Shield is out of the question. This would negate your trained CoC, making a major part of your Strategy useless.

Amulet choice would again be dependant on your overall strategy. An AoI would be a fine way to help protect this minion reaching melee combat, while on a single minion an AoM might help more by boosting your STR statistic.

AdminShade October 4 2006 7:15 AM EDT

Little long perhaps, and a history isn't required. But I think it has some things that can be used.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 4 2006 7:29 AM EDT

:D As long as it helps! ;)

PoisoN October 4 2006 7:46 AM EDT

Light / medium / heavy Tank(armor penalties). Manchanter (or Enchage ;-) - DD + enchantments. Meat Shild(light Wall). Dodgechanter - enchantments combined with Evasion.

Kong Ming October 4 2006 7:50 AM EDT

Here's a few I saw:

1) Evader training only evasion and HP armed with EB, EC, EG and a AoF.
2) Anti-mage wall training only HP armed with TSA, SC, CML, TG, HoD, MgS and AoAC.
3) Wall training only HP armed with Adam, SC, CML, TG, HoD, MS and AoAC. (AC reaching 400)

Xiaz on Hiatus October 4 2006 8:43 AM EDT


Flamey October 4 2006 9:16 AM EDT

the wiki seems to explain very nicely, Tank and Monk. I'm just saying that, you could just C&P that or just work off that, but those two pages seem to go nicely. Mage, Enchanter, Archer, Wall still need an article, I'll see if i can do something when i wake up tomorrow! >.<
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