hardest multi ever? (in Off-topic)

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] October 5 2006 8:06 AM EDT

hi Gbee

you continue your hunt every day without giving up. it must be a hard job tough.

can you tell us about who was the hardest multi to disclose?

if i remember well, a few months ago you banned a very old player that was using several IP ...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 5 2006 8:22 AM EDT


bartjan October 5 2006 8:48 AM EDT

I once banned a multi that never shared IP or even country. Transfers between the accounts were done through auctions.

Safariman indeed was another difficult one to catch.

QBOddBird October 5 2006 11:16 AM EDT

Wow, bart. I wonder how he did that?!

bartjan October 5 2006 12:17 PM EDT

Open Proxies.

AdminG Beee October 6 2006 4:24 PM EDT

It's not tough, it's just part of the game for me and I get buzz each time I catch or help catch someone.
Picking up the trail is often the hardest part, and whilst using different IPs (as has been mentioned many times in the past), hides the obvious we're pretty much guaranteed to catch the multi sooner or later using the tools Jon has developed over time. There is evidence left all over the place to help us so hiding IPs isn't going to save anyone indefinitely :)

Hardest part about catching a multi is always dealing with the fallout from the denials that follow. There's been an odd occasion where a person has been well liked and I've found myself on the defensive for calling it out. That can be difficult because I just want to shout - "look, we're right and here's the proof". Alas, it's not always possible to share the evidence though :(

For the record, most of "my" catches aren't as a result of anything I've come up with but rather as a result of one of_you_guys CM'ing me about something someone has said, or a dodgy transaction here or there etc. The community plays a huge part in policing itself to be honest.

My advice to the multi that hasn't had their name posted in PR yet?
Stop while you still can, but don't sell up for USD though because you've got to get past security first. Take your shoes off and place your jacket in the tray please... Next!

AdminShade October 7 2006 7:51 AM EDT

*takes shoes off and places jacket in the tray*


BootyGod October 7 2006 1:23 PM EDT


Who would have guessed?
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