Passing out playing CB? (in Off-topic)

Juzza October 7 2006 1:30 PM EDT

ok i just woke up with my head on the keyboard. Does anyone else force themselves so hard. its 4 am in the mornig i need some sleep

BootyGod October 7 2006 1:32 PM EDT

Thats kind of scary but I bet your not the only one hehe.

bartjan October 7 2006 1:37 PM EDT

Reminds me of the World of Warcraft South Park episode...

QBOddBird October 7 2006 1:44 PM EDT

Don't feel alone, I've been getting my sleep in 3 hour intervals since the end of August =)

Raistlin October 7 2006 2:22 PM EDT

you mean you sleep for more han an hour? >.>

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] October 7 2006 4:02 PM EDT

@ bart: That show was hilarious!

@Juzza: I haven't stayed up that late "forcing" myself awake since the end of camping :'-(

AdminShade October 8 2006 6:55 AM EDT

why force yourself? you can sleep 3 hours and burn your BA again ;)

PirateKing October 8 2006 9:26 AM EDT

I find myself unable to look away from all the scintillating conversations in the chatroom........

Flamey has joined the room.
Zach has left the room.
Zach has joined the room.
OpVines has joined the room.
Grimwaur has joined the room....

... and so on. I keep staring and staring, until I fall unconscious. :P

Flamey October 8 2006 9:34 AM EDT

when Flamee is in the room its always fun, like just now i just confused PK!

48Zach October 8 2006 9:35 AM EDT

Heh.. I was so tired one day doing this.. I actually went and got a pillow so i could sleep at the computer desk and still play.. Got into trouble the next day though.
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