Is something wrong? (in General)

molans[Grumpy] October 9 2006 10:14 PM EDT

I played my 160 moves, then left.
Few hours later I logged again and I had 500+ BA and 1500 arrows more, which I didn't buy.
As I know, I didn't lose any money either.

Is this some mistake, or it has something to do with joining "Carnage Blender" on Frappr Maps, since that is the only unusual thing I did today?

48Zach October 9 2006 10:21 PM EDT

You also lost MPR.. there was a bug in the system and Jon had to reset everything to as it was this morning.

Flamey October 9 2006 10:47 PM EDT

people should check threads.

Colonel Custard October 9 2006 11:20 PM EDT

Didn't lose any money? I lost money. Did other people lose money, too? Cuz if not, Jon owes me in the range of 70k.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] October 9 2006 11:20 PM EDT

Anyway the rewards could be screwed up mine seem to be set at half.Please add in half the swear words you know!!!!!!!!!!

AdminShade October 10 2006 1:29 AM EDT

Flamey: perhaps link the thread?

Flamey October 10 2006 2:32 AM EDT

Clickity Click
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