Trivia is Back! (..maybe?) (in Contests)

RedWolf October 12 2006 11:10 PM EDT

Well, we'll see how this works. I'm not sure how many people are still interested in Trivia, but apparently a few are, so I'm trying to round those people up and see if we can get Trivia alive and kicking again ;-)

For those of you not familiar with Trivia, its always good to have new players! Rules can be found here or in the wiki, but its pretty simple. Basically I'll ask 10 questions, you will answer IN PM, i'll award points, yadda yadda yadda.

There will be a game this Saturday at 8 PM CBT (server time). That is about 3 hours and 10 minutes ago, for those who can't figure out server time. I'll try and be here, but for those of you familiar with my punctuality in the past, I'll also be giving the questions to BBQ. That way, if i don't show up, he will run the game instead ;-)

Flamey October 12 2006 11:15 PM EDT

i can make it, Saturday or friday, not Sunday, im at school then :P.

thats weird a non-capitalised friday is in the spell check, but not for the other two days.

Flamey October 12 2006 11:19 PM EDT

i have an idea, run Trivia at an off-american-peak time.

have 2 trivia's a week (that is, if it is sucessful :P) where the people who can't make it one time, can the other time. or is this a bad idea?

QBOddBird October 12 2006 11:37 PM EDT

That sounds like a fantastic plan to me.

BootyGod October 13 2006 10:15 AM EDT

I just would like a trivia thats not RIGHT after the library closes.

AdminShade October 13 2006 11:38 AM EDT

Run trivia whenever you can I'd say...

rawellivan October 13 2006 2:50 PM EDT

Sounds like fun i wouldn't mind playing

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