Named RoE (in General)

AdminNightStrike October 24 2006 4:34 PM EDT

Did anyone every legitimately confirm that a named RoE gives 4% more XP? I ask because a named tattoo will not gain XP any faster -- it merely operates as if it had an additional 4% more XP trained into it. So, since an RoE doesn't train, what exactly does the naming do to it? I can't find anything in the posts from when it was initially introduced.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 24 2006 4:50 PM EDT

it's 3% more xp, 33% total more xp than without the named RoE...I think the wiki has all this...

AdminNightStrike October 24 2006 5:19 PM EDT

But as far as I can tell, that's all just hypothesis. Has anyone actually verified it in data?

AdminShade October 24 2006 5:28 PM EDT

A named RoE gives more experience indeed, don't remember who tested it though or when for what it matters.

AdminNightStrike October 24 2006 6:41 PM EDT

Shade, I found the thread where you did your testing:

However, there's no talk about naming. In the July 27th changelog thread that I just added to the change month entry in the wiki, there's a lot of questions about what naming it actually does -- but no real answers. From what I can tell, this is, so far, just one of those things that everyone "knows" is true simply because everyone else "knows" it's true. Nobody actually tested it or confirmed it, however. At least, not that I can find. I would definitely not might being "enlightened" on this issue, if you excuse the intentional pun.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] October 24 2006 11:18 PM EDT

I have a RoE (azn pride ) I'm not sure how long left on name . But if some one wants to check this out I can lend it out??

AdminShade October 25 2006 4:40 AM EDT

NightStrike: I didn't test a named RoE :)

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 9:59 AM EDT

Well there ya go. I don't think anybody ever really tested it. Slashundhack is willing to, but I don't know to get it done. Would you be willing to test again, Shade, using Slash's named RoE? It would probably help you out pretty well with your NCB.

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 5:25 PM EDT

If you want, Shade, I'll pay the transfers for you. I'd test it myself, but my familiar is my primary damage dealer -- I can't do anything with an RoE until I start my next NCB.

AdminShade October 25 2006 5:26 PM EDT

I could test it on Sunday, with a blank new character against other base characters perhaps. or on my NCB, if i can attack the same characters I can now :)

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 5:31 PM EDT

You're doing an NCB with no RoE? hmm..

AdminShade October 25 2006 5:32 PM EDT

I use TSA and MgS, so no RoE for my NCB :)

In other words, I need the magic damage blocking to survive against mages ;)

I could however use a RoE and train AMF but that's also a waste of some exp...

Miandrital October 25 2006 5:37 PM EDT

If somebody sends it to me I can test it. I am just leveling up my RoS and as you can probably see from my character, the tattoo is not exactly doing anything useful.

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 5:38 PM EDT

Just don't fight mages. Nothing matters about the people around you until you're high up on the list. There's enough of a distribution of people that you can always find someone larger than you that you can kill. Not until you hit like 1 or 2 million in score does it matter about the people around you, and at that level, there's only a handful of mages.

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 7:23 PM EDT

So anyway.. Slash, can you loan one of these two your tattoo?

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] October 25 2006 9:51 PM EDT

Ya which one?

AdminNightStrike October 26 2006 11:25 AM EDT

Mian can do it first, so give it to him. Shade can do it on Sunday.

Miandrital October 26 2006 12:32 PM EDT

According to my 12 fights worth of data, the RoE gives an extra 23.13295483% more exp.
Here is my excel sheet: Click Me!
If needed I can do more testing, but I am convinced that the RoE gives ~3% more exp.

AdminNightStrike October 26 2006 12:40 PM EDT

Just to be extra anal, can I send you a normal, non-named RoE to confirm?

AdminShade October 26 2006 12:51 PM EDT

you always have to test with both RoEs :p

Miandrital October 26 2006 12:51 PM EDT

Sure, send it over

AdminNightStrike October 26 2006 1:24 PM EDT

Loaned for 12 hours

Miandrital October 26 2006 3:00 PM EDT

I tried again with an unnamed RoE, and there was a definite decrease in the amount of exp gained, however due to my exp rewards being relatively low, I think the randomness skews the exp gained slightly. If shade was correct in the wiki by assuming a 20% increase for unnamed RoE's than named RoE's give ~3% more. Otherwise, have a look at my data and decide for yourself.

Click Me!

AdminNightStrike October 26 2006 6:49 PM EDT

Well, I'm sold. Looks like my next NCB will be using a named RoE for as long as possible. Thanks! Oh, and feel free to use that RoE for the whole loan period. I have two.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] October 26 2006 8:43 PM EDT

well thats good to know.I.m not using mine so what ever is easy go ahead and do.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 28 2006 7:43 AM EDT

A Normal RoE gives 22% XP. A Named one gives 23%. ;)

AdminNightStrike October 28 2006 8:33 PM EDT

Why do you say 22% for a normal?
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