Help with my Single Mage Stat(FB) (in General)

Hyrule Castle October 25 2006 5:44 PM EDT

I have a FB mage, which i would like some help with.

I currently have Evasion, DM, and GA trained, with the FB and HP of course....

now here is the problem, i have a Corn, EB, AG and was wondering if thats wise to equip... i was looking to get an AOI, but after reading it, it says it doesn't stack with evasion... so why would i have Evasion trained... also i looked at an AOF and i seen that it doesnt add to DM, my main spell trained....

So i need your help with suggestions for training of spells, and what equipment to wear.


AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 5:46 PM EDT

AoI doesn't stack with Evasion?

Also, the AoF amplifies spells cast on you, not on others. You cast DM on others.

That's a lot of stuff to train on just a single minion, btw.

Hyrule Castle October 25 2006 5:48 PM EDT

"Also, the AoF amplifies spells cast on you, not on others. You cast DM on others."

so are u saying that other peoples AMF cast on me, would hurt me even more... or what?

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 5:48 PM EDT


Hyrule Castle October 25 2006 5:50 PM EDT

so the EC and AMF that enemies enchant on me, gets amplified... but the DM that they cast on me, doesn't get amplified... correct?

Hyrule Castle October 25 2006 5:51 PM EDT

as for the aoi...

"This amulet reduces its owner's chance of being hit by a physical weapon. It is similar to Evasion or Displacement Boots (and does stack with those effects)."

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 5:53 PM EDT

Looks like it says "does stack".... which is what I thought. Why did you say "doesn't"?

And regarding the A of F:

"Dispel Magic (DM) does not get amplified by the AoF. Anti-Magic Field (AMF) and Ethereal Chains (EC) do get amplified by the AoF."

Hyrule Castle October 25 2006 6:04 PM EDT

ok so what do u suggest, aof, or aoi... are my skills i have trained fine now... or what... thats where you guys can come and help me :D

AdminNightStrike October 25 2006 6:06 PM EDT

Ask sut. He's got a pretty big SFBM.

Hyrule Castle October 25 2006 6:07 PM EDT

sut help me out?

QBRanger October 25 2006 7:03 PM EDT


Use the corn even with its -10% to evasion.

Use an AOI, it will help with the evasion.

Use the EBs, more AC is always good and the plus to dex will raise your evasion and likely overcompensate for the corn.

AOF will be very bad as it will amplify the effects of AMF vs you.

Miandrital October 25 2006 7:39 PM EDT

The best armor setup, if you are training evasion, is:
1. AoI
2. EBs
3. AGs
4. Corn
If you are not training evasion:
1. AoI
2. DBs
3. AGs
4. Corn

From there you have two tattoo options, ToE or SF/FF. Which you choose determines the ED spell you train.

The basics to train are obviously:
1. HP
2. FB
3. DM
4. Evasion, if you so choose

Finally, if you are using a ToE you should train GA or Protection, but if you are using a SF/FF, you cannot use GA because friendly fire also gets GA retaliation, so you can really only train Protection.

QBsutekh137 October 26 2006 11:37 AM EDT

Well, Evasion is a must. Evasion with EBs is the best bang for buck as far as I can tell, and the AoF really boosts it too. Problem is, AoF also increases AMF's effect. But I think an AoF is still smart.

GA: I had it for a while, it is kind of like an extra attack and makes the HP mean more, but I am not sure it is worth the investment.

AMF: I also had that for a while, and up higher I unlearned it too.

DM: I don't know. My next minion will be DM, but I never tried it on my Mage.

AGs are essential since an AoI can't be worn with a tattoo. TOE is a good tattoo at lower levels, but I do like the SF at higher levels.

Beware the splash in melee! It is around 50% spread out over whatever is left of your team, so if you have a familiar, odds are it won't see round 5!.

When in doubt, train FB. HP is good, but mainly only to fight AMF backlash. Tanks will hit you so hard that extra HP doesn't matter much (that's what the Evasion is for, too). I went with novice advice early and trained my FB three or four times larger than my HP, if not more at times (I am not a ratio trainer -- I train a bunch here, a bunch there...)

That's about it. Be prepared to be frustrated by how worthless your MPR is compares to equipment-based PR... In other words, folks with weapons and armor will be able to beat and draw you at times with much less PR.

Draws will be your bane. Hard to make a fight list not because of losses, but because of draws. That's one of the many problems with single-minion fighting.

That's about it...good luck, man!

QBsutekh137 October 26 2006 11:38 AM EDT

Also, not training AMF or DM keeps other stats high and makes the Corn question moot.

Bottom line on the AoF: it is worth trying, to see how much it increases AMF cast on you vs what it does for your Evasion.

AdminNightStrike October 26 2006 11:49 AM EDT

"AGs are essential since an AoI can't be worn with a tattoo."


deifeln October 26 2006 7:57 PM EDT

Why not Evasion with DB's?

Hyrule Castle October 26 2006 8:45 PM EDT

aois cant be used with tats?

Unappreciated Misnomer October 26 2006 9:07 PM EDT

check out my main char

Unappreciated Misnomer October 26 2006 9:15 PM EDT

if you re ink a tattoo, does it lose its naming? and why a SF is better than ToE?

Hyrule Castle October 26 2006 10:30 PM EDT

so would it be wise to get rid of my GA since i have a FF and the GA will hit my FF with my FB...

so should i untrain GA and get some Protection?

also if i do get protection, would i want the aoi still or a aoac

Hyrule Castle October 28 2006 1:27 PM EDT

More questions. Should i keep my FF or should i go for a MCM and Coi.

if i do go for the mcm, and coi... will i need them to be forged really big for them to work effectively over the tat.

and if i have an aof, will their amf not do so much with the added ac, of the mcm and that.

Hyrule Castle October 30 2006 8:00 PM EST

another question. Should i Train any ED at all, or just remove it all together...
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