Congrats Gandalf on your forging ability! (in General)

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] October 27 2006 3:50 PM EDT

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I must say, Simply amazing that a 150k mpr char + NUB can forge so much NW! Congrats!

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] October 27 2006 3:52 PM EDT

Yes... Very nice numbers :)

Maelstrom October 27 2006 4:42 PM EDT

buying BA?

AdminNightStrike October 27 2006 7:29 PM EDT

A proud member of MyFirstEconClan :)

Lumpy Koala October 27 2006 7:43 PM EDT

must be buying BA :P Which in the end won't really be profitable if forging for others hehe so much for Econ clan LOL

QBOddBird October 27 2006 8:01 PM EDT

"must be buying BA"

You don't find it odd that a non-NUB'er can forge up to 300k per day, but it is amazing that a person with a bonus of 165% can forge 660k? Looks about right to me.

Miandrital October 27 2006 8:09 PM EDT

Yup, seems right to me. I remember seeing a nub forger at over 800k with 300k mpr

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] October 27 2006 11:44 PM EDT

I log on a few times a day and spend about 500 BA; managing 200k NW.So for a NUB forger at a million less MPR than me forging that much is incredible and takes much dedication. With so much time invested in forging like that i'm very surprised he isn't a fighter, He'd be a fierce competitor.....

(I didn't create this thread in order to complain about the NUB and the forging bonus, rather to congratulate Gandalf.)

Silatt October 28 2006 6:13 AM EDT

It's freaking Gandalf! He can shoot laser beams from his fingertips. Of course he can forge a lot of NW, a little hocuspocus and boom your done! Congratulations btw.

Gandalf October 28 2006 6:25 AM EDT

well thank you guys. didnt even know there was a thread just got informed through chat lol. i didnt buy no ba either just forged. =)

AdminShade October 28 2006 8:24 AM EDT

"I didnt buy no ba either just forged. =)"

didn't buy no ba? so you did buy BA :p

Gandalf October 28 2006 8:38 AM EDT

no i meant i have not bought ba lol.
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