check out this awesome band (in Off-topic)

[Jedi] Danludar October 30 2006 10:02 PM EST

Hey guys there is this awesome local hardcore band you guys should check out.....i know i have not been around in a while but eh it happens anyways

Not sure how to make it a hyperlink but oh well thats the URL

Thrasher October 30 2006 10:32 PM EST

Hardcore sucks!

Hyrule Castle October 30 2006 10:40 PM EST

is it heavy metal... i like heavy metal or heavy rock, light metal too.... not country,rap,oldies, or other varios "slow paced" music

[Jedi] Danludar October 31 2006 6:02 AM EST

First if you don't like it don't comment at least listen to the band before you judge and its hardcore. I guess if any of those its a form of metal its really heavy and it has screamo lyrics. Not sure if they songs they have up have it, but they have an ambient backround guitar in some of their songs.

AdminShade October 31 2006 10:28 AM EST

What matters what it's called? It should sound good!

[Jedi] Danludar October 31 2006 3:45 PM EST

So does any of you guys actually like them? It's the like St. Petersburg underground hardcore style so yeah its wats popular amongst the underground here ya know
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