Error with forging and dead pages. (in General)

AdminShade November 4 2006 8:56 AM EST

The links to the wiki pages of items (i.e. pair of leather gloves) now sometimes link to dead pages, this has to be changed to link to good pages.

Miandrital November 4 2006 11:43 AM EST

That can't be possible, the dead pages were those that were not linked to, and were therefore orphaned.

AdminShade November 4 2006 12:06 PM EST

just try it yourself with leather gloves...

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] November 4 2006 1:42 PM EST

There is also discrepancy with the price when you try to make a FS/WTB post without the cash on hand. It says: As noted in the Policy statement, there is a fee of $5,000 to post in this forum. Consider using the auction system if what you were posting about isn't worth this fee. The fee is actually 2k not 5k.

bartjan November 4 2006 1:59 PM EST

Draco: errors in the wiki can be fixed by anyone. You already have a head start on us, as you apparently know which page contains the error...

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] November 4 2006 7:00 PM EST

It IS possible, Miandrital, the 'orphaned' status of a page only counts if it has a link from another wiki page. What Shade is talking about is the 'wiki' link for items with longer names which is displayed from Auctions or the Forge.

Miandrital November 4 2006 8:04 PM EST

I see, then perhaps we should rename all the pages to match the forge's link.

AdminJonathan November 4 2006 8:16 PM EST

leather gloves link from auctions is working

Miandrital November 4 2006 8:17 PM EST

Jon, I get a server error when I try to rename Leather Boots to Pair of Leather Boots, presumably because a dead page has the same name. Any chance you could change this so that the renamed page overrides the dead page?

Miandrital November 4 2006 8:18 PM EST

Also jon, leather gloves from auctions works, but not from the forge.

AdminJonathan November 4 2006 9:03 PM EST

don't rename it, "Leather Gloves" is the right page name

AdminJonathan November 4 2006 9:07 PM EST

updated forge to use this standard naming

AdminShade November 4 2006 11:01 PM EST

Thanks in name of the newbies amongst us :)

Miandrital November 5 2006 12:41 AM EST

Working on A Pair of Leather Gloves [1] (+8) (Wiki: Pair of Leather Gloves for instructions)
Still not right

AdminNightStrike November 5 2006 2:26 AM EST

There's probably a lot more than leather gloves that needs updating.

Miandrital November 5 2006 2:03 PM EST

I figured that jon might have just missed it, since he said he updated them to use the standard naming and all...
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