Childs Play charity 2006 (in Public Record)

Charity November 8 2006 9:50 PM EST

I, Sukotto, am re-opening the Charity account for this year's Childs Play. Last year we raised almost $900 (USD) and I'm sure we can help again this year.

I created a new character ChildsPlay2006 and am accepting donations of all kinds. I will sell donated items and CB$ for US$ which I will then donate via paypal.

If you have any concerns about this please speak directly to an admin

Edit: Direct Donation Link

deifeln November 8 2006 10:57 PM EST

I donate 500k!

Thanks Sukotto!

Who is going to top me???

deifeln (Oy) Charity (ChildsPlay2006) $500000 10:55 PM EST

deifeln November 8 2006 11:07 PM EST

Hey, What if Jon gave the charity a certian % of all BA purchases for a single day? Then even NCB'ers could help out too....

Charity November 9 2006 12:21 AM EST

Thank you for your donation, that's a wonderful way to start!

Miandrital [The Z-Fighters] November 9 2006 6:21 AM EST

Direct Donation Link

AdminG Beee November 9 2006 2:27 PM EST

I'm glad you're working on this again Sukotto. Hopefully we can help make another significant contribution this year.

th00p November 9 2006 2:56 PM EST

th00p (th00pie) Charity (ChildsPlay2006) $750000 2:56 PM EST


Adminedyit [Superheros] November 9 2006 3:50 PM EST

An Enforcer's Crossbow [4x108] (+36)
A Katana [74x76] (+16)
An Executioner's Sword [82x114] (+15)

Hope this helps the kids have a good holiday :8^)

Drama [Just for fun] November 9 2006 3:58 PM EST

Belle-Ange (Belle-Ange) Charity (ChildsPlay2006) $200000 3:57 PM EST

Not as much as you guys gave, but I hope it'll help. :o)

Timberwolf November 9 2006 6:11 PM EST

Timberwolf [t] (Roont) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) $1400000 6:09 PM EST

That's everything I have ATM. This is for a very good cause.

Mrs Beee November 9 2006 6:19 PM EST

For a good cause i'll donate my Trollskin Armor [22] (+34) $1,173,910 when it comes out of rentals.

48Zach November 9 2006 7:14 PM EST

I'll do my part :D

Zach [t] (X Tarsajuma X) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) 624 Slayer Bolts ($749) 7:13 PM EST
Zach [t] (X Tarsajuma X) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) $100000

Charity November 10 2006 12:28 AM EST

Wow, what a great start and such a lot of enthusiasm!

I'll place a few items in auctions tonight and start selling the rares tomorrow or over the weekend..

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 10 2006 2:55 PM EST

When does donation time end?

AdminNightStrike November 10 2006 4:35 PM EST

Idea: Clean out all the confiscated items / cash, as well as items that CB took out of play.

AdminG Beee November 10 2006 4:42 PM EST

That would screw too much with the economy. There was a donation last time and I'm sure there will be again this time.

Charity November 10 2006 10:19 PM EST

I'd like to finish and send in the official Carnage Blender donation to Child's Play on Friday, December 15.

Right now, I aim to convert all items to cash by Dec 10, giving me 5 days to do the final auction for USD.

Of course, donations after Dec 10 will be gladly accepted and will do my best to process them by the end of the year.

Charity November 10 2006 10:22 PM EST

For those people asking... I'll start selling the rares shortly.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 11 2006 10:32 PM EST

Here's my behalf. :-)

Sir Leon [t] (Odysseus) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) $1000000 -- Charity 10:31 PM EST

48Zach November 11 2006 10:42 PM EST

Zach [t] (X Tarsajuma X) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) $50000 10:41 PM EST

Another 50k :D More to come, aswell :)

Donations: $150,000CB2 , 600 Slayer Bolts

Flamey November 12 2006 4:19 AM EST

Flamey [t] (Flâmêy) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) $500000 4:17 AM EST

i would of sent some rare ammo, 3k slayer, 500 seeker, but you're full of ammo on both characters, just thought I'd let ya know :)


Charity November 14 2006 2:20 AM EST

I have started a FS/WTB thread for the 12 items I currently have in inventory.

Please go check them out and bid on anything that interests you! I would really appreciate it if you also encourage others to go look too :-).


Charity November 15 2006 9:02 PM EST

Time is running out on my sale. If you want in, _now_ is the time to bid.

Charity November 16 2006 2:15 PM EST

Congrats to the winners of the first Charity sale

Thank you to everyone who bid, who told their friends to bid, or who logged in as their friend and bid on their behalf! We earned 4.2 Million CB, which brings the grand total of donations to 11.3M!

The drive isn't over yet so, if you have cash or items you're willing to donate please go right ahead.

A Morgul-Hammer1.2M by (MES)Naruto
A Katana200K by (MES)Naruto
Total bid1.4M
A Fire Familiar1M by Fnirk
A Rune of Solitude700K by Yukk
An Enforcer's Crossbow300K by The Death Company
A Lesser Tattoo of Endurance100K by The Death Company
14,196 Explosive Shots30K by The Death Company
624 Slayer Bolts2K by The Death Company
Total bid432K
An Executioner's Sword400K by GnuUzir
A Sling of Death300K by deifeln

Please pay ChildsPlay2006 and look for your items shortly. (Thanks for pointing out the direct link Miandrital)

Charity November 16 2006 2:43 PM EST

Death Company, you've hit your ammo limit so I cannot transfer your Exp shots. What do you want to do?

Charity November 17 2006 12:27 PM EST

The Death Company has requested that I auction his Explosive Shots and keep the proceeds. thank you Death Company!

Mrs Beee November 19 2006 6:31 PM EST

As promised:
Mrs Beee [t] (mummy_beee) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) A Trollskin Armor ($1173910) -- charity 6:30 PM EST

Descent November 20 2006 4:32 AM EST

Good on ya for keeping this alive on CB, sukkoto.

I'm sending the (now) second highest MC in the game for auction. [grr! at Ranger. =p ]

Descent (Newbie)
Charity (ChildsPlay2006)
A Mithril Cuirass ($4705782)

I wish CB1 was still around. I was the VERY proud owner of the largest claymore in the game, aptly named 'Childs Play'.

Miandrital [The Z-Fighters] November 20 2006 7:55 PM EST

If you still have that tower shield I'll buy it for 20k

Charity November 20 2006 8:30 PM EST

Another round of generous donations allow me to have another sale. A big thanks to everyone!

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] November 20 2006 11:04 PM EST

(CB1)logan666 [t] (I Win) Charity [t] (ChildsPlay2006) 316 Seeker Arrows ($317) 11:02 PM EST

When you have room for more ammo let me know. I have about 4.7K Exp Shots I'll send you.

Charity November 21 2006 8:07 AM EST

Ok, I'm looking for some community input.

One of the great things about the charity auctions last year was the interaction between people posting bids in the thread.

Due to the restriction on posting to FS/WTB threads I don't really want to do another auction that way. So....

What do you guys think about doing something else? The goal here is to have some fun while raising money for the charity. The ideas at the top of my list for consideration are:

1) Some number of items hidden behind doors. Players bid on the chance to take whatever is behind a door. Highest bidder gets first choice, second highest gets second choice etc.

2) Giant trivia contest (with questions that are tough to figure out via google). Pay to enter... winners get some of the donated items.

3) pay-to-enter game of memory. If you flip over two of the same item, you get to keep it.

4) paper-rock-scissors tourny (perhaps in chat) with the grand prize of... say, an ELS.

Some of these would be a great deal of work for me to pull off but worth it... if everyone would have fun. So, what do you guys think? Do any of these sound like fun? Any other ideas?

I'm aware of timezone differences being a problem. G Bee and Shade have generously offered to help (again) with the drive so we should be able to accommodate two different zones.

48Zach November 21 2006 8:21 AM EST

Sounds good to me, but i don't know if much interest will be put into them.. seeing as they don't know what they'll be purchasing..

Another way is to possibly ask G-Beee or an admin to allow you to post it in a different thread topic to allow for posting..

QBRanger November 21 2006 10:37 AM EST

I like option 1.

Reminds me of the day of yore, when people (mostly Nixon) would raffle an item in chat (unknown) for the highest bidder.

People, I think, had a great time with it.

QBRanger November 21 2006 10:38 AM EST

Sry about the double post, it was partly in chat but mostly in the FS thread as anyone could post at that time.

Perhaps you can get an admins approval to do something like that in contests where people could post their bid on an unknown lot or item.

AdminG Beee November 21 2006 11:28 AM EST

No problems with posting your For Sale info in General Forums if you feel it will be easier to manage.

Charity November 21 2006 8:10 PM EST

Thank you G Bee. I think I probably will do a sale in General then.

For all the games and contests I expected to reveal the prizes in advance (or, at least, the good prizes). Sorry that wasn't clear.

Actually, I'm becoming enamored of the memory idea. Have a bunch of the cheapest items and one or two really nice items like ELS, TsA, HG. Do some basic combinatorics and probability to figure out how much to charge per try and let people try to find the good items. hmmmmm

deifeln November 21 2006 9:28 PM EST

But with memory once the good items are gone most won't play.

chappy [Soup Ream] November 21 2006 9:52 PM EST

chappy (Joker2587) Charity (ChildsPlay2006) $1000000 -- from me and deifeln 9:51 PM EST

Mostly from deifeln, but hey :)

Charity November 24 2006 10:12 PM EST

Watch for a big sale Tue or Wed next week!

AdminG Beee November 29 2006 4:33 PM EST

Bump for more Money

48Zach November 29 2006 4:38 PM EST

I'm just waiting for the sale.

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 29 2006 5:52 PM EST

Sale should go up in a few hours. Sorry for the delay.

Charity November 29 2006 10:28 PM EST

The sale is up and running. Please be generous!

Charity December 1 2006 11:25 PM EST

The second sale is now finished with bids totaling 4,5555,000!
That brings the charity total up to 17,966,433.

That's so exciting!

Also, a few more items came in after the cutoff for the last sale so we can have one more sale or maybe a contest of some kind.

Then it's into the final round.... selling the CB$ for USD and making our donation!

Phrede December 2 2006 5:20 AM EST

I'll bid 15 USD per mill ;-)
I am sure that can be topped by some generous persons

deifeln December 2 2006 6:14 PM EST

can you post your paypal addy for those who would like to just donate some cash to the CB child's play fund?

Charity December 2 2006 9:57 PM EST

Thanks for your offer Freed. Several people have messaged me offering to buy the charity cash for USD. (Thank you to everyone who has offered.)

In order to make the charity drive as fair and open as possible, I plan to start a separate bidding thread starting on or around Dec 10 (with the goal of actually sending the cash to Childs Play by Dec 15

Charity December 2 2006 10:19 PM EST

deifeln: I'm not sure whether it's better to have the money go through me or directly to Child's Play (in the name of CarnageBlender).

I just asked Kristin over at Childsplay and will post here when I get a reply.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] December 6 2006 8:53 PM EST

Have you decided as to what day you'll be selling the cb2?

Sukotto [lookingglas] December 7 2006 8:56 AM EST

It looks like you are better to donate directly to Childsplay rather than going through me. If anyone does donate that way, I'd appreciate it if you would email me (address in my profile) with the amount so I can record a total for our community.

Also, please tell them you are donating on behalf of carnageblender so they too can record the total for our group. (This isn't truly necessary, but groups with a higher total donation show up higher on their contributer page and therefore make CB more visible). You can tell them the url to help them keep track of us. (this will also send referral bonuses to the Charity account)

I have a few last-minute donations to sell off, then I will sell the accumulated cash (right now it's a 18M). That sale should start the evening of Dec 10 (Sunday) and finish up Monday or Tuesday (depending on bidding activity)

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