Bug? Seems to be no ranged or melee weapon fighting...? (in General)

Revs November 11 2006 12:06 PM EST

Just this morning, nothing is hitting in ranged or melee. Only DD. In my entire fightlist spanning ppl around my range to people 1 mil below. Nothing. Very strange.

AdminShade November 11 2006 12:14 PM EST

This is the same for me also, all was well but then suddenly I don't even land a single blow.

I have 300k DX or so, my opponents are mostly mages with base DX and no evasion and I can't seem to hit anything...

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 11 2006 12:18 PM EST

something needs a gentle adjustment.

Kliktu November 11 2006 12:21 PM EST

Heheh, I just made a new topic about that just now! Rofl, you guys made this one while I was still typing mine. Anyway its good to know its not just me! By the way: hello I'm Kliktu, pleased to meet you! I started playing close to the middle of this year and have only now begun playing consistently. This is my first reply to anything on the forums, too! Nice to meet you all! Later!!

AdminJonathan November 11 2006 2:10 PM EST


ChingChang November 11 2006 2:35 PM EST

Thank you :)
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