YOU aRe BaCk (in Public Record)

YOU November 14 2006 12:37 PM EST

After long search for the ultimate game, I returned to carnageblender. To those who hates me (too bad! lol ), to those who loves me (muahaha i miss you all too). After all, Jon-as 1 man game operator- shall get my blessing for which he made the 'close-to-ultimate' game for me. God Bless and Game On. woooooot !

QBOddBird November 14 2006 12:39 PM EST

I can't believe you is back. (and I feel like my grammatical skills are lacking every time I talk to you!) but welcome back, YOU.

YOU November 14 2006 12:44 PM EST

glad to see you still around BBQchiken! I just came back for the love-sake of the game not really participate in any game play;however, i still want to see how Jon make his next game change every now and then.

QBJohnnywas November 14 2006 12:47 PM EST

lol, welcome back!

AdminShade November 14 2006 2:24 PM EST

Ack, I knew YOU couldn't stay away from us :p

Silatt November 15 2006 6:50 AM EST

Howdy! and Welcome back (we've never met)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] November 15 2006 9:47 AM EST

Welcome back!

QBBarzooMonkey November 15 2006 10:09 AM EST

YOU have returned! I know I missed YOU. :)

Frod November 15 2006 5:09 PM EST

A player is YOU!

(whoops...wrong game...)

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] November 15 2006 7:11 PM EST

Yes, I too have missed YOU and YOUR postings! YAH!
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