i'm getting killed by someone less than 1/3 my DX (in General)

winner winner November 15 2006 7:47 AM EST

i keep missing diabolik and he keeps on hitting and i have no clue why?

QBJohnnywas November 15 2006 7:50 AM EST

Lol, I'm using UC, which has inbuilt evasion. The evasion gives me defensive dex - which probably raises my dex to a higher level than yours. So you miss me.

QBJohnnywas November 15 2006 7:55 AM EST

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh but this is why I love UC...

Anyway: evasion/UC gives a certain amount of defensive dex to the minion. It doesn't show on the play by play and it's not used by the minion to hit more for instance. But it has the same effect on your minion's dex as if I had trained loads.

The only way around it for you is to train your dex to much much much higher levels. And even then there's no guarantee you'll hit my char. Or increase the PTH on your weapons.


winner winner November 15 2006 7:56 AM EST

i'll spend some money then

Miandrital November 15 2006 7:57 AM EST

I would suggest some EBs and EGs serial, and a HoE while you at it. They would give you a lot of dex which would help you a lot.

winner winner November 15 2006 7:58 AM EST

i just died in the first two rounds and i didn't get one shot in

QBJohnnywas November 15 2006 8:00 AM EST

Mian's right, some dex boosting gear would help, probably more than putting cash into your PTH. You get bonus to PTH on your weapons from the ToA, which will probably be enough for the moment. Unless your weapons are tiny of course.

I wouldn't feel too bad about it though. Mages half my size can kill me. :/

AdminShade November 15 2006 10:14 AM EST

Morgoth Bauglir defeated Diabolik (Clan Beer Garden) after 5 rounds of combat

I didn't even hit him in any of the ranged rounds, you need to pump your HPs.

winner winner November 17 2006 8:36 PM EST

i got a triple hit with +100 arrows lol

QBOddBird November 17 2006 8:46 PM EST

I <3 UC


winner winner November 18 2006 7:40 AM EST

if i get some x250+50 arrows i can win probaly

winner winner November 22 2006 3:28 PM EST

how much does it take to get a quad

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 22 2006 3:37 PM EST

quickest way to a quad would be to get you weapon PTH over 150, and your dex to the point where you get a double hit..eventually you'll get a quad hit!

winner winner November 22 2006 4:12 PM EST

150 PTH is really expensive

Shooto November 22 2006 4:13 PM EST

Basically, don't expect quad hits at this low of a PR/MPR.

winner winner November 22 2006 4:27 PM EST

i can hit triple on 20 DX enchanters without gigantic + on my arrows

Shooto November 22 2006 4:33 PM EST

whats the PTH on your bow?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 22 2006 4:37 PM EST

sorry let me rephrase that, the ONLY way to get a quad is to have over 150 PTH, either from weapon plus or ToA plus...

winner winner November 22 2006 6:27 PM EST


winner winner November 22 2006 6:39 PM EST

yay i can beat Diabolik
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