QB Ranger, now look what you've made me do . . . . (in General)

chuck1234 November 17 2006 3:50 AM EST

Hello Ranger,

The way you've gone ballistic about the unfairness being meted out to mages, I wonder if that was your rage or Urza's. Well, never mind, but your venting all that spleen did have the unintended effect that I seriously set about examining my fight stats for the utility of my mage.

Lo and behold, given that my ToA boosted SoD with explosive shots gives almost 400k dmg per hit in an even spread, I found the Mage's damage puny in comparison. So, now I have got rid of my mage entirely, and retrained the whole DD as DM. It's instantly cut Bast's Dixie Cousin's AS from 1 mil to 750k, so a 250k cut per minion [and she has 4 incl the JKF], isn't a bad trade-off for the DD that gave 250k max in a no AMF scenario. Also, now all the opponent's AMF training is going waste coz I don't have any DD.

I can't see the larger picture, but maybe everybody can analyse this factual situation and arrive at some conclusion.

Till then, cheers,


P.S.: if you weren't so fabulously rich already, i'd have sent you a small CB2 contribution for stimulating my strategic sense :)

P.P.S.: watch out Dixie Cousins, Johnny Bravo's gonna get you soon ;)

QBJohnnywas November 17 2006 4:05 AM EST

Ranger has given direct advice to people before now that led to the same outcome...ask G Beee.....

Fact is if you have a really good damage dealer then you only need ONE. And mixing damage types as you point out leaves you vulnerable to reduction from both AMF and EC. Focusing your damage in one - in this case physical - means you are effectively making AMF users smaller, thanks to the wasted XP they have in battles against you.

IMO a four minion team should work like an arrow - one focused damage dealer and the rest there to ensure he gets the job done.

Multiple damage dealers on a team can work but the more you have the more vulnerable you are to damage reduction methods. The less other people can reduce you the stronger you are.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 17 2006 4:13 AM EST

conversly, the more rounded your are, and you aren't as vulnerable to smaller people exploiting your strat.

Like Sacred Peanut did with a 3/4 EC minion team that killed tanks far above his PR. While being powerless versus Mages. ;)

QBJohnnywas November 17 2006 4:17 AM EST

GL, focusing damage doesn't necessarily equate to specialization, but I know what you mean!

QBRanger November 17 2006 8:18 AM EST

I have always said mixing mages and tanks is a bad idea.

Best to have 1 damage dealer and use your other minions to boost his ability to deal damage or reduce the damage done to you.

QBsutekh137 November 17 2006 10:10 AM EST

Yeah, too bad there isn't an easy way to support a main, damage-dealing mage. All you can do with the other minions is try to bring the other team down, meaning a high-offense strategy is out of luck. :\ That's why I want some EDs for mages!
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