cell phone CB (in General)

AdminNightStrike November 18 2006 12:49 AM EST

How do you guys play CB on your cell phones?

[P]Mitt November 18 2006 1:17 AM EST

I don't think that's possible, just on certain treo or palm that have javascript enabled.

chuck1234 November 18 2006 2:58 AM EST

You can play CB2 on a cellphone that is html-enabled, i.e., which can offer browsing. I think it should be possible on most high-end Nokia, Sony Ericcson, assuming that your network supports data exchange.

AdminG Beee November 18 2006 5:12 AM EST

Check a few things with your provider before purchasing.

a) what's your usage allowance - how many MB's are you allowed to download each month of your payplan. You'll need approx 5MB / day if you're going to use a lot of BA. (that's with your view settings set to text and only ever fighting - no reading the boards).

b) does the phone support web browsing, not just the WAP content you get from most providers, but actually web browsing.

c) to avoid the hassle I had, (see this thread) can you actually play CB? - I'd advise you get the shop to show you it in action.

Kong Ming November 18 2006 8:47 AM EST

I can play cb2 using my pda phone with windows mobile 5. It has IE which works well, the only problem is the cost of using it.

QBRanger November 18 2006 9:51 AM EST

I use Cingular.

I have a 8125 mobile phone, I am uncertain who the maker of the phone is. Just says 8125 on it. You can check it out going to www.cnet.com looking under cell phone with cingular.

I use windows mobile OS and CB works great with frames. I cannot buy BA but there is an address you can use to buy BA. I can give it to you if you need it. The rest works great except I cannot get chat, as I do not want to install Java and potentially mess up everything.

I pay 30 USD for unlimited internet access per month. The speed is about 4x that of dialup, still slower than broadband, but the phone does have wifi so I can link into any wifi if I have the password and its a protected wifi. If it is an unprotected wifi, I link to it easily.

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