I Got in a Car Crash (in General)

Hyrule Castle November 18 2006 10:32 PM EST

I was on my way to ND, from MN as some of you may know. I was really excited to stay the weekend at the girls dorm. Catch up with my buddies.

Then the worst thinkable happened. For a quick second, you see the white tail and underbelly of a doe. We were going 80 mph down a 75 mph zone. At about 7:00 at night.

It was the scariest thing ever. The deer came out of no where...all we know is it came from one of the sides. Then there was a big crash, (deer owning the front end of the S10) And the next second it was black (didn't know this at the time but the hood of the trunk came up into the windshield. We had to veer off the road, and into a cotton field. Apparently the air bag deflated. And then the whole car started to smoke. So my friend booked it out of the car.... and i was stuck....

He had gone into the cotton field and my door (passanger) was stuck cause the cotton or whatever was in the way. I couldn't open it... so i had to force it open with all my might.

We thought the car was gonna blow up cause we were leaking something. We later figured it was the condensation of the cotton onto the hot engine(had been running for 4 hours straight)

To top it all off, when we called the cops (who got there in 3 minutes) he only had room for 1 person in his car... so i had to sit outside in the cold... in my SHORTS... and freeze my butt off, while my friend was inside nice and warm... for 45 MINUTES... for the stupid tow truck to get there.

Well then, we had to come back early because i had to spend 180$... of my own money to pay for the tow, and my friend nick had to pay 9$ (all he had)

so now i am down 180 dollars and lost out on the bonding with my friends:(

Thusly making it the worst weekend ever.

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] November 18 2006 10:46 PM EST

sorry to hear about that, I have hit two deer personally (i live in michigan, reported to have the highest car vs deer accidents). I had one actually hit me as it were. I drove past it, but as soon as it didn't see head lights it leapt into the side of my van. Crush the steel side of my van in about 7 inches and broke my friends arm. (He was laying against the door sleeping). The only good thing I can say about hitting a deer is that people rarely get hurt. Still I am sorry to hear about your lost time, and not getting to stay in the girls dorm. Hopefully next weekend is better for you.

Hi im Jake November 18 2006 10:49 PM EST

good to know your all right......

unless you are hyrule ghost which would be scary and i would be talking to a ghost plus you would be dead hence not all right......

anyway is the dear ok???;)

Hyrule Castle November 18 2006 11:00 PM EST

lol jake.

I did get to stay in the girls dorm on sat...which apparently is against the ND rules and such... but we "accidently" fell asleep. so it would have been fine.

And as for the ghost thing, theres no such thing lol. CB voted already :P

Still stinks though that his truck is totaled.. and im down 180 bucks... but how do u tell ure best freind that he owes u 180 dollars when he just lost his truck....

48Zach November 18 2006 11:07 PM EST

It's simple.. just go up to him and go "yeah, your truck just blew up.. but you owe me 180 bucks" :D

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] November 18 2006 11:08 PM EST

well you weren't driving where you? His truck his problem. I wouldn't make him pay until he got a new truck tho

Hyrule Castle November 18 2006 11:09 PM EST

his truck still works... that is the radiator is busted, so it cant go for over 5 minutes without overheating... and the front end is messed to pieces. cost over 2g's to fix it... so he just gonna have to get a new car/truck

deifeln November 19 2006 1:03 AM EST

Sorry to hear about this man. Be glad you're both alive.

I'd chalk the $180 up to a loss and not ask your buddy for it back.

ChingChang November 19 2006 2:30 AM EST

Glad too read yall ok, was wondering more about the deer, did he die? or runn away into the woods? I clipped a deer doing about 65mph on this back road.Broke head light , windshield ect ect, but that sucker took off faster then i could realize what had happened. Tough bone structure on them animals.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] November 19 2006 2:46 AM EST

I think we're all skipping the important part of this story. They veered off into a cotton field. Then the cotton, in the field, in North Dakota, in mid-November, made it difficult to open the door of the vehicle. This is extraordinary!

Also, that the law enforcement officials of North Dakota are driving sexy 2-seaters.

Your $180 is gone. Accept it. Be thankful that's all it has cost you.

Worse still ... you will now be on Beee's "bambi killer" list forever.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] November 19 2006 3:04 AM EST

One hundred and eighty-nine dollars for a tow ! Thats cotton field robbery or may be they just seen you coming.I'll bet it was the shorts!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 19 2006 7:19 AM EST

I was i a car crash a year ago, was hit on the left with 70kph. I was standing still.
The force was so great the car flipped on its roof.
Car was a total loss. And i landed in the hospital for 3 days. Your were lucky. So it can always be worse.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 19 2006 8:38 AM EST

I was nearly in a crash the other night, was doing around 40 in a 30mph zone and someone pulled out in front of me.. I had to swerve out in the other lane to avoid it, woulda been a nasty one. You got to think for yourself and other people when driving nowadays..

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 19 2006 9:15 AM EST

I'm glad you are ok and all but I'm not very sympathetic.

Yes, even if you were going the speed limit that 10mph
wouldn't have given your friend time to react better but they
still shouldn't have been breaking the law in the first place.
People who don't keep to speed limits especially ones already
that high are, in my opinion not too bright.
Especially if that is the case then you shouldn't even be paying
for their tow costs, they shouldn't have been driving that
speed, especially with another person in the vehicle to account
for, yes you should have asked them to keep to the limit but
at the end of the day, they are the driver and it is their
Then again, nobody keeps strictly to the 70mph limit on the
motorways here in England so maybe I should just leave you
to it :)

AdminNightStrike November 19 2006 9:50 AM EST

"Also, that the law enforcement officials of North Dakota are driving sexy 2-seaters."

Most state police departments are allotted one police-package-laden Camero to handle high speed pursuits.

Hyrule Castle November 19 2006 12:44 PM EST

ok. The cotton field or whatever Bast, you making it sound like i'm weak or something. It basically was thick brush, and idk what the white stuff was.

I forced it open effortlessly :P

AS for the sexy 2 seaters... he was a k-9 unit, and the dog was in the back seat... i guess he cant be accountable for us getting injured in the back. So he didnt let us sit there.

House November 20 2006 1:35 AM EST

November.....Minnesota...Shorts....Bad Idea ....thats why I moved to Arizona

Nailed a deer coming around a corner ,early mornig return from girly dorms @ River Falls ,Wisconsin :) Heading back to Hastings..totalled Mom's car (2 weeks new) and cut my leave from short. Was home on leave from USMC, but Mom woould not talk too me after thrashing her brand new Citation.
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